Electric Vehicles – Let’s drive for a cleaner planet

Can Electric Vehicles (EVs) pave the way to a safer planet? 8th Grader Aarush Mohan is all for Electric Vehicles. He feels this would be an answer to the rising air pollution and rising fuel prices, to name a few. As he explores the various facets of Evs’ entry into the Indian market, he is hopeful that very soon, our country will be on the road to a greener and cleaner planet.

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Why I admire Elon Musk – the Times Person of the Year 2021

8th Grader Aarush Mohan is a huge fan of Elon Musk. Despite all the bouquets and brickbats showered on Musk, Aarush admires him for his personality, sense of humour, entrepreneurial skills, ability to thrive across several industries and having the courage to take huge risks – all this apart from being the richest man on Earth. Clearly, Musk has done something right to be admired by many, including 13-year-old Aarush. Read on to know why Aarush looks up to Musk…

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Breathless, are we?

Every year we talk about the ill-effects of air pollution. It’s widely written about in the newspapers, social media and talked about with grim pictures on television news channels. Sheema Shireen shares examples of how Goa and Kerala are setting an example towards cleaning up the air and how entrepreneurs such as Angad Daryani, the Founder of Praan, are doing their bit to help ‘clean up the act’ of the years of air pollution caused by us. Read on and hopefully, it will inspire us to help support the cause of reducing air pollution plaguing us.

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