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The Boxer Store – the new ‘boxer’ code

Add that zing to your home wear by sporting your attitude on your boxer shorts! If you haven’t got one of the whackiest boxers yet, you’re missing out on some slice of fun. Visit The Boxer Store today to get a quirky pair of boxer shorts or pyjamas, as these would be the coolest dress code for a pyjama party!

Meet 24-year-old Delhi-based Pallavi Khandelwal, a postgraduate from Nottingham University in Finance and Investments, who has worked with brands like Fab India just after her post graduation, before launching The Boxer Store.

We chatted with her about her love for creativity and adding a new fashion statement to the mundane boxers for men and women!

How did it all begin?

Pallavi observed that there was a lack of funky underwear for men, and people always seemed to order funky boxer shorts from abroad, which was not possible for everyone. “Also these days, people are willing to break away from the cliché gifting pattern of overpriced red roses and branded chocolates. Everyone wants to do something crazy, so why not boxers! I realised that this was a great market and a business opportunity,” mentions Pallavi.

Branding and investment

“The concept is very creative and funky, but when it came to the name we kept it very simple and easy to remember – We are what we do and you can’t confuse us, (except when you love the boxer dog),” quips Pallavi. All business either big or small not only needs the love and support of family and friends, but financial investments are important too. The investment was very low when she started, no matter how cool the concept sounded; and businesswise it was not that simple to establish a retail brand.

Pallavi adds, “So I have always been very careful when it comes to investing money in the business.  Although it’s been a great journey so far, with lots of ups and downs, there is still a very long way to go for us. We are still in the process of building our brand image. And hopefully, soon enough, we will be known as a premium underwear brand for men.”

What makes The Boxer Store so unique?

“Our USP lies in our designs, we try and understand what guys like and would want on their boxers. From Bollywood to simple sports, we try and incorporate every concept with humour. It’s simply great to see the designs come to life and on the boxer and we want to stand out from the rest and we definitely want our customers to stand out as well, explains Pallavi.

The Designs

Pallavi adds, “So far, I design all the boxers myself, every bit of them. Before I go ahead with a single design, a long process of several options being made, color combinations, fabric etc has to be made as well, then I take opinions from friends and family and obviously lots of guys are included and for everyone style that comes out, several have to be made and rejected. It’s a really long process.”

For example, the Basanti boxer, from the type of dogs that should appear on the boxer, to what font should be used, which leg of the boxer should the dogs be on, what fabric will be used, what kind of print will it have; everything has to be decided and several options need to be made before finalizing.

Challenges faced

“Everyday seems to be a challenge when you run your own company because, by the end of it, I’m the one who needs to take the decisions and take the call of what has to be done and not. There is no boss; so sometimes it gets really confusing and difficult to work and manage everything on my own. But overall, it makes me a stronger person and more versatile,” admits Pallavi.

She also mentions that the only way to overcome a problem is to understand that you are bound to make mistakes and it’s okay to do so. Problems come all the time, but having a support system that includes your friends and family is extremely important.

“I could not have come so far without my father’s help. He is my guiding force and mentor. My close friends also have helped me all the way and sometimes it feels like we all are partners in this company and so I cannot take all the credit here!” mentions Pallavi.

The journey so far

Pallavi recalls, “My first product line included a series of 10 styles for men’s boxers. Today most of them are sold out which included some star selling styles like beer vs women, free cock rides (my fav) and legendary (this one is still selling like hot cakes). Some of my most memorable moments are when people ask me what size (of boxers) will fit them, there is always humour attached to this question especially when they know they are asking a girl this question. It’s amazing to see guys become so shy when they talk about underwear. I’ve even got calls from 14-year-olds asking me about sizes and styles!”

So if you’re looking to gift your boyfriend or husband a quirky pair of boxer shorts or are hosting a pyjama party at home or in your hostel, The Boxer Store is where you should head to for some really cool and refreshing designs.

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