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The goodness of home cooking at Amritsar Express

When we hear the name Amritsar, it exudes the calming and serene picture of the Golden Temple that attracts scores of devotees from all over the world. Steeped in history and spiritualism, Amritsar is known for several other cultural and economic aspects, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country.

In all this, there’s one such element that shines out equally bright and that is the food; and sites like TripAdvisor has listed out quite a few food tours in Amritsar, which a food lover shouldn’t miss for the world.

If you can’t go to Amritsar, then how about bringing the essence of its rich food culture heritage to your doorstep? For those who think that Punjabi food is all about the dollops of butter and ghee dripping off the kulchas, here’s one home-run restaurant – Amritsar Express that humbly yet proudly begs to differ.

The Lifestyle Portal caught up with the Founders of Amritsar Express – a brother and sister duo in their twenties – Tanmay Taljit Nirankari and Taniya Taljit Nirankari about their visions, dreams and hopes to bring the best of Punjabi cuisine to Mumbai.

We chatted with Tanmay, a graduate Management Studies and Taniya, a graduate in Management Studies who also holds a Masters degree in Media Entertainment and Advertising about Amritsar Express. Find out what their entrepreneurial journey is all about…

Tanmay Taljit Nirankari and Taniya Taljit Nirankari – Co-Founders Amritsar Express

How did it all begin?

Amritsar Express came into existence in June 2016 with a simple thought of selling exclusive Punjabi food that is healthy, homely and made with love.

Investments & branding

“Our initial investment was around INR 30,000. The investment did grow with the increase in labour and many other things,” mentions Taniya. She further adds, “The name itself says a lot about our concept. Amritsar is for Punjabi food, whereas Express stands for ‘quick or fast’. So Amritsar Express stands for Punjabi Food available on the go.”

Challenges faced

One of the most difficult challenges, as they admit, are in delivering the food on time. “As we all know about the traffic in Mumbai, it’s a task to deliver the food on time. When we started out initially, we had a few delivery guys who delivered the food on bicycles and on a bike, but gradually we increased the number of delivery boys to have food delivered on time,” explains Taniya.

The universal comfort food – home cooked Rajma Chawal at Amritsar Express

Clients of Amritsar Express

Their major clients are bachelors and office goers because they are someone who would want to have simple food on daily basis. As they’re located in Mindspace, Malad near Link Road, it becomes an undisputed choice for them to order a piping hot plate of rajma chawal. What makes it easier for the clients is that they can place an order online (through partner sites like Zomato) and offline too.

What makes Amritsar Express unique?

Taniya’s face lights up when she shares, “The USP of Amritsar Express is our FOOD. We serve freshly made homemade healthy food. It’s simple and authentic Punjabi food that you can have every day and we do not use any artificial flavours and preservatives. And most importantly, the one thing that makes our brand unique is the food that we serve is made by my Mom.”

Tanmay & Taniya with their parents

Menu selection

The menu of Amritsar Express has been designed based on the basis food that is made every day at the Nirankari residence. The entire menu consists of those items that Taniya and Tanmay recall relishing from their childhood days prepared by their mum. And if you’re wondering what are some of their bestselling food items on the menu? Well, it’s undoubtedly rajma chawal and aloo pyaz stuffed paratha.

“Our menu selection has been constant with only a few additions that we have made recently because we believe that less is more. Coming to the response from clients, we have had a very good response from our customers. We have had loyal customers who order almost every day and we have a 4.1 purely organic rating on Zomato,” adds Tanmay.

They must be just in their twenties, but with their head on their shoulders, the brother and sister duo aim to have multiple outlets In Mumbai and see Amritsar Express as a brand that gradually seeps into the hearts of the people.

The super delicious Aloo Pyaz Stuffed Paratha at Amritsar Express

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