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Imaginesta – Styling your image right

Prachi Kesarwani, the founder of IMAGINESTA
Prachi Kesarwani, the founder of IMAGINESTA

We are in a highly competitive world, where how we dress up and show up matters as much as the work we put in. Almost everyone of us has our personal sense of style and dressing, but maybe we are a little rough around the edges, and this is where taking a help of a stylist or an image consultant can really help us which can further considerably boost our self-confidence.

Getting the basics right on styling, dressing, etiquette can help you along the way; and here’s what Mumbai-based Prachi Kesarwani, the founder of IMAGINESTA started out to do. The Lifestyle Portal is happy to share her story of how she ventured into image consulting and how it has benefited the people in the city.

Her passion to look different each day, to always stand out of the crowd, dressing up, grooming, practising the right etiquette always made her believe in the saying, “Almost everyone will make a Good First Impression, but only a few will make a good lasting impression”-Sonya Parker, which attracted her to this field.

How did it all begin?

As an individual Prachi always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Even though she was highly successful in her banking career somewhere she always felt that she was short of time for herself and for her family. Hence soon after her second child was born, she decided to call it off and take out time to work on her entrepreneurial venture.

“I evaluated various career options. When I came across the Image Management Industry, it struck a chord to transform my passion into a profession.” She further adds, “My varied profiles have helped me to keenly observe how doors opened and opportunities multiplied because of “The Right Image”. At a very early stage of my career, I learned that hard work needs to be accompanied with right visibility that helps to build the right image and more so my qualifications in advertising and public relations adds to the strong repertoire.”

Since she loves to work with people and help them to see themselves as more confident and beautiful human beings, it is through IMAGINESTA that Prachi has managed to transform her passion into a profession.

Her core competencies include – Image/dressing right for various roles and goals in life. Within the corporate sector, her core modules include International Etiquette and Culture, Dress to Success, Fine Dining & Wine Etiquette. With educational institutes, her core modules consist of Children Enrichment Programs, Campus to Corporate, National & International Culture and Etiquette etc. She further works out flexible modules related to Image, Soft Skills & Etiquette merging them as per corporate requirements.

Corporate workshop in progress by Imaginesta
Corporate workshop in progress by Imaginesta

Initial investments

Apart from her initial financial investments more importantly over the last two years, Prachi has dedicated a significant portion of her time and energy to learn the finer nuances of image management and etiquette as applicable to various walks of life.

Challenges faced

Prachi lists down the various challenges she has faced in her line of work –

Since this line of profession is still at a very nascent stage, one needs to constantly create awareness about this profession and its importance.

At times it’s difficult to make individuals understand the concept of an Image Consultant as they feel it’s a personality development whereas there’s a lot more to it than just that. The awareness has been mainly restricted to the celebrity industry but now gradually corporates, educational institutes and even homemakers have started opening up to the idea as well.

And here’s how she overcomes those challenges, “I do a lot of workshops for various category of individuals from women to men, children workshops, corporate workshops and more. I am also a part of various networking communities and make a point to attend at least one networking event in a month. I constantly ensure to keep upgrading on my certifications as and when needed to have an edge over others,” adds Prachi.

What makes it IMAGINESTA unique?

Prachi chose her company’s name as “Imaginesta” as it relates to ‘Image’ and ‘Imagination’ – where an individual’s image just cannot be changed with having knowledge. As an image consultant one needs to have a third eye to evaluate and imagine how the transformation would make a difference and this she feels only comes with passion.

“At Imaginesta we ensure transforming individuals image inside out. Being in the corporate industry and interacting with a diverse group of people at various levels has helped me to understand individual’s needs and requirements better,” adds Prachi.

In fact, her past experience and a 12-year exposure in the banking profession has immensely helped her to understand clients /corporate requirements and demands with ease. Her qualification of Masters of Finance and Advertising & Public Relation also adds to the smooth and systematic approach in her operational process in dealing with Corporate(s) and understanding them better.

Teaching the nuances of personal styling & grooming for women
Teaching the nuances of personal styling & grooming for women

Promote & Marketing of the brand

Since Image Management is a new concept in India, one to needs to create awareness. Talking to friends, ex-colleagues and various other people helped Prachi to break the barrier; also being active on social media and being part of networking groups gave her an added advantage.

Various services & packages offered at Imaginesta

Imaginesta caters to a various set of clientele:

# Corporate

  • Image Management and Attire Etiquette
  • Selling, Negotiating and Behavioural and leadership skills
  • Banking Related Modules especially for Retail Banking
  • Image Auditing
  • Customised dressing right/Power of dressing workshops for Men and Women
  • Customised workshops for Fine Dining and Business Etiquette

# Individual

One to One consultation tailor made programs whether an individual is a professional, bride or groom to be, homemaker, or getting ready to step out in the corporate world.

It includes from evaluating lifestyle, understanding Personal Style, Body and Face shape evaluation, the art of accessorising, wardrobe evaluation, personal shopping, grooming and makeup, etiquette and body language, knowing your personal colours, the power of dressing and lots more.

Teaching kids about fine dining and table manners
Teaching kids about fine dining and table manners

# Educational Institutes

  • Children Enrichment Programs – Social and Dining Etiquette
  • Public Speaking and Etiquette
  • Power of Appearance
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Interview Ready

# Retail and Hospitality Industry

  • Think the buyers way -Successful Sales
  • Customer Service and Image Related Workshops

# International & National Etiquette and Culture

  • The Global Ambassador Workshop
  • The International Etiquette and protocol Workshop
  • Travelling in India – Understanding the culture
Prachi Kesarwani - founder Imaginesta
Prachi Kesarwani – founder Imaginesta


Imaginesta caters to various types of clienteles:

  • Individuals
  • Corporate
  • Retail and Hospitality Industry
  • Education – Schools to B -schools
  • Individuals going abroad and coming to India (Deputation) – In relation to International and National Business Etiquette & Culture.

In fact, her 12-year corporate experience has helped her to get an entry in various corporates and consulting High Net worth Clients. Apart from her website, you can also connect with Prachi across various social media platforms such as– LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Mobile No. +91-9987469866


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