Fish Oil Fritters

Fish oil masala mix
Fish oil masala mix

No matter how fancy a name I give to this recipe, Fish Oil Fritters or Mache’r Teler Bora is a Bengali speciality. There are various versions for this recipe as it differs from every household in Bengal.  

Usually the fish seller will help you by cleaning the fish well and give you the fat/ oil of the fish from either Rohu, Katla or Hilsa (Hilsa is the best of course) – which should be cooked within the same day as it starts to smell even if kept in the freezer.

My mum makes a simple recipe and here’s her version.


  • Fish Oil – depending on the amount you get from the fish
  • Salt to taste
  • Rice flour or wheat flour
  • Green Chillis – 1 -2 finely chopped
  • Onions – 1 small no. finely chopped
  • Onion seeds – 1 tsp
  • Mustard oil – for shallow frying
  • Coriander leaves – finely chopped
Fish oil fat being fried in hot mustard oil
Fish oil fat being fried in hot mustard oil


  1. Mix all the ingredients of the fish oil/ fat in a bowl.
  2. The rice flour/ wheat flour is added to give a crispy texture to the fritters else it will break during frying.
  3. Make small dumplings and gently place them in the hot oil.
  4. Gently move the fritter to see if the bottom part has turned golden brown.
  5. Turn it around to cook the other side.
  6. Serve hot with ghee rice, green chilli, masoor daal and rice combination.

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Fry until they're crisp and brown and ready to be eaten
Fry until they’re crisp and brown and ready to be eaten

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