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RuHH – Art Jewellery for the Soul

Shopping is good – it not only uplifts our mood, but can also help us find some inspiration tucked away in some corner and give us ideas to start life afresh; especially when we’re least expecting it.

That’s what happened when Diya went shopping to Michael’s a popular craft store in the US when she came across an isle full of gorgeously colourful beads.

She was so overwhelmed by the myriad colours and textures that she came back home inspired to make some accessories for herself.

Soon it started being appreciated and Diya was asked to create some more for her friends; and before she knew it RuHH was born.

Even though Diya completed her post-graduate degree in Business Studies and Communications, she was always on the lookout for ways to express herself through various art forms and this inspiration gave her the much needed push.

The Lifestyle Portal caught up with 42-year-old Diya Sen, a CS, M.B.A (Finance) & (Marketing) from Arizona, US who is an ace entrepreneur, a doting mother and a gorgeous wife about her love for art jewellery and what inspires her.

“I did not want to go back to the mundane and routine everyday work life and mounting corporate pressures. Also I wanted to give full attention to my kids and yet have an identity of my own. I have always been very creative and an amateur artist at that,” recalls Diya.

“One of the ways I love to express myself is through creating jewellery – feeling the texture of the stones and metals, sensing the warmth and coolness of the colors they evoke, and shaping them into wearable expressions that adorn your body, soothe your mind and reflect your soul. RuHH reflects my freedom, my spirit, my expression,” smiles Diya.

Initial investment & Branding 

She started out with an initial investment was $1,000 (Rs. 50,000/- approx.) that was gifted to her by her husband on her birthday and since then there has been no looking back.

She launched RuHH in 2007, but it remained within friends until 2010, when Diya started hosting and showcasing her work across various shows, exhibitions and expo’s in the U.S and started gaining recognition for her craft.

“I wanted to name my art something which was strong and had a soul connection. RuHH means “the soul” in Persian. RuHH is my imagination, my will, my creation. RuHH is also inspired by my son, Ruhaan, and my daughter, Ruhita. I have always been fascinated by nature and what nature has to offer us,” adds Diya.

She continues, “Nature surrounds us with a kaleidoscope of symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, predictable and unpredictable colours, all coexisting amicably, within an endless continuum of creation and destruction, as a part of the cycle of life. A bohemian at heart, I let nature guide my creativity –  the winds of change blow freshness into me, the storms dissipate their energy within me, and the rains that follow fill me with peace and calm.”

Challenges faced

Diya feels that undoubtedly there is huge amount of competition in the West as it is the hub of creative jewellery. This IS a jewellery market, but sometimes it is difficult to gauge the needs with respect to the demands, and yet you need to adhere to a distinctive style. With specific designs you cater to a small market, so you need to strike a balance to maximize your reach. It is also difficult going global as due to the exchange rate feels Diya.

What makes RuHH so unique?

When you get a RuHH jewellery you will realize how each piece is carefully hand crafted and why Diya prefers to call it ‘RuHH Artwear’ rather than just jewellery.

Inspired from nature, you will find the make and style of Jewellery by RuHH a perfect blend of asymmetry and beauty which is free flowing, easy going and without having to follow any set rules. Yet when the final product is complete, an organic symmetry emerges.

The lines span from the “boho” to the “elegant”, from “delicate” to “bold”. A monochromatic blouse, muted romper or a “Little Black dress” becomes an attention – grabbing standout when accentuated by one of RuHH’s magnetic statement pieces.

The designs marry different cultures, are cross cultural and involve different ethnicities, they affordable yet show stopping statement pieces.

Diya further adds, “I keep looking around for inspiration – be it pictures, architecture, color, patterns and scribbles. If I find something striking then I base my collection or a particular line based on it. For example my collection ‘Colors’, was inspired by the dome of a building in Istanbul. So that sets a ritual or pattern for a different line.  It is not just one design with 10 different colors; each one is unique in color, layout and pattern. Therefore keeping with the offering of individual and exclusive statement pieces.”

Product and Pricing 

Diya considers RuHH art jewellery to be a contemporary style statement for the individualistic, thinking woman who is confident enough to express herself.

She carefully sources her raw materials from all around the world (Turkey, Kutch, Afghanistan, Tibet, to name a few) and being a metal smith, she sometimes makes them herself. RuHH jewellery are priced within the range from $40.00 – $350.00 (2500 – 20,000 in INR)

Diya is also loves creating customize pieces. You can send her pictures of your outfits and she can customize exclusive statement pieces working around your budget and marrying the best of designs with it.

“I try to align the elements of one’s personality by having a dialogue with the customer and insert those characteristics into the creation itself,” smiles Diya.

So the next time you plan on having a unique style statement for yourself or want to gift your wife, mom, sister or girlfriend with something absolutely unique just like her, you know where to shop for.

Indian customers who would like to pick up one of Diya’s art jewelry can use your PayPal account to purchase the items.

She adds, “Products will be shipped out if the buyer pays shipping cost form U.S to India at actuals. As a designer with global reach, I try to understand my customer’s needs and try and be as accommodative as I can be. I strongly believe RuHH is there because of the appreciation of my art, so for me it is very important to be accommodative and understanding to their needs),”

Last but not the least, Diya believes that each RuHH creation is destined to find its rightful owner. RuHH is not just an aspiration!

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