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Messy Creations – Handmade with Love

The name says ‘Messy’, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the beautiful hand made ‘Creations’ by 29-year-old Hina Mirza

The Lifestyle Portal caught up with the founder of MessyCreations, a pretty Hyderabad-based lady, an M.Sc. degree holder in Information Technology who after having worked as an IT Faculty decided to pursue her love for creative arts.

And so here we are sharing her journey of how she followed her dreams at a professional level and launched MessyCreations.

How did it all begin?

Hina recalls, “Art has been following me since childhood but I never thought of taking it up as a career. Years passed and I kept myself involved in books…lots of books.”

After completing a course in computer science she started working in the same field. But somewhere art has always remained with her, and as she put it – “it was dwelling in my heart and soul”.

“It was after my marriage that I started taking it seriously. My husband, Kaifi, has always been a great source of motivation. He stood by my side and contributed in the best way he could in the whole process of chasing my dreams; and sometime in 2012, I got my first order and that’s how “MessyCreations” was born,” smiles Hina.

Initial investments & branding

Hina mentions that since she works from home there were no big investments as such.

“But her journey began with a couple of online marketplaces where they provide a platform for sellers to showcase and sell their products. Then gradually my Facebook page took over and now most of my clients reach me through facebook,” adds Hina.

MessyCreations is dedicated to customised handmade home decor items. Her handcrafted nameplates are most popular and can be considered as MessyCreations’ main attraction.

In fact, now Hina has also introduced some clay jewellery and accessories as well and is working on some more new and exciting items as well.

Challenges faced

We were floored with her humility and modesty. Such a talented woman as Hina, she has life sorted out in her mind and heart and no wonder her creations come out as clean, neat and wonderful!

Hina admits, “In every venture, there’s always a huge amount of risks involved. The biggest challenge in my work is customising the whole design as per the client’s preference without any prior rough work or a blueprint. Just on the basis of a questionnaire, the whole thing is created. However, by the utmost grace of God, I have been facing this challenge without fear. The amount of confidence you have is equally proportionate to the amount of success you gain; so just a bit of confidence can work wonders.

The second big challenge is meeting the deadlines of course.”

What makes  ‘Messy Creations’ so unique 

According to Hina, it is the customization that defines the uniqueness of her brand.

She adds, “Because you see, each person in this world is unique. No two people are just the same. They have different looks, different habits, different style, different likes and dislikes etc. So when I customise something for one person, it has a to be unique. Other brands might also be doing the same job, but for different people, with different ideas. So we are inspiring each other this way. Art is a great source of inspiration.”

Hina gives a whole new dimension to her artwork. She draws inspiration from life and since she views the world a wonderful place it reflects in her creations too.

Getting the goodies ready – from start to finish

Hina shares, “The process on an average takes a week to complete which starts with a small research on a particular type of product to be made, then writing all the details, starting to work, completing the basic design, detailing part, finishing and finally, drying.”

She mentions that marketing is mainly on word of mouth; apart from that Hina regularly participates in the exhibitions which are a great way to advertise and last but not the least, facebook is an excellent tool that comes handy to home based women entrepreneurs like her.

Products on offer and their price range

So if you’re wondering what you can get made by Hina, she provides a list of items:

a) Customised Name Plates which are priced according to the customization needed.

The price range is Rs. 1,000- Rs. 4,000 on an average.

b) Jewellery & Accessories

The price range is Rs. 100 – Rs. 1,000 on an average.

c) Customised Photo Frames, priced according to customization needed.

The price range is Rs. 500 – Rs. 2,000 on an average.

d) Keepsakes, mementoes, priced according to customization needed.

The price range is Rs. 500 – Rs. 2,000 on an average.

e) Other stuff (Fridge magnets, Jars, gift boxes, memo holders, pen holders, wall hangings etc.)

The journey has been so far 

Her face lights up as we ask her about the future plans, “The journey has been awesome. It’s been full of fun, happiness, love, hopes and innumerable lessons. I feel like on top of the world when I find people appreciating my hard work. I feel so truly satisfied on getting a message from a client saying “Hey, got the parcel. Loved it!!” For the future plans, I just have to say that sky is the limit…”

Who are your clients? Are there any celebrities or famous personalities who have got something done at ‘Messy Creations’?

“Well, I think the celebrities might not be able to locate me. I should follow some strong advertising strategies quips Hina, “jokes apart, I have my clients spread all over India.

Few of her products have also travelled abroad as gifts and tokens of love from India. From kids to oldies, from homemakers to professionals, Hina’s MessyCreations has managed to reached almost all the major cities of the country and the journey continues and into the hearts of the people.

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