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Skin Kitchen – An natural way to pamper your skin

This summer pamper your skin with fresh fruits and 100% natural ingredients without the fear of any side effects. If you haven’t tried a facial that has been created exclusively for your skin type, then we recommend an appointment at the ‘Skin Kitchen’ is a must!

Skin Kitchen is the brainchild of 32-year-old Diya Dembla and her husband Vishal Dembla who supported her venture as an Angel Investor, to bring forth a unique concept of skin care in the city. A Graduate in Mass Communication and a Business Major from Boston University, Diya has pursued a professional course in Skin Esthetics from the International Dermal Institute and has been working in Skin Care and Holistic Nutrition since 2008.

How it all began

“I’ve was a professional gipsy, switching fields every other year because something didn’t quite cut it. I strongly felt that what you do for a living is something you should enjoy, have fun with and would want to wake up to. It shouldn’t be and “Oh no, I have to work!’ experience, says Diya.

When she first dabbled with skin care, Diya knew that she had found the field that would always have her working, waking and hungry for more. It not only helped to have her husband’s financial and moral support but also gets his unending support and encouragement for her to explore, as he says only explorers find treasures.

The initial investment

“Skin Kitchen first started in my 2X2 bedroom. Vishal encouraged me to venture out more professionally and in a more refined setup. But since I was trying skin care with kitchen ingredients, I was not sure whether people would accept or reject the concept. So I started in my bedroom, experimented with free treatments for a month and then gradually moved on to nominally priced treatments so I could attract people to learn my unique approach to skin care!” quips Diya.

The brand name

Since the skin care products are made with kitchen ingredients, the name just popped into her head one day and it stood for what Diya did. “I treated skin care using only edible, natural, fresh kitchen ingredients. Every therapy is treated with freshly cooked natural concoctions according to the skin type,” added Diya.

Challenges faced

When it comes to her line of work, Diya has taken every care to be a specialist and not turn her work into a factory. “I want to be the woman with the magic touch and not an institute with 100 hands. This is my biggest challenge because very few people in our society understand quality. Most people, nouveau riche, think sasta, sundar, tikao, where as when something is expensive, it is automatically engraved with the threat of not working. Because I want to stay honest to my work, I must constantly improve, educate, innovate and the reality of it is that all of this comes with money,” adds Diya.

She admits that people find it hard to accept that to get the best you must pay, with a smile. “I’m sure you’ve had a horrible parlour experience once in your life. I have; so many of my clients have. But Skin Kitchen will never be part of something like that because it’s only me who specialises in skin care therapies. I’m someone who is trained, educated, loves and cares for what I do,” says Diya.

What makes Skin Kitchen so unique?

Diya recalls, “I’ve been creating products for a long while. Our herbal hair oil was the first that was an instant hit. My clients are mostly women who can distinguish between quality over quantity and are averse to synthetics.” Skin Kitchen is unique because they make skin food that is safe enough to eat!  “We use no synthetics, no chemicals and no acids. It’s all kitchen ingredients marinated, cooked, pickled, boiled, drained – the works! All the ingredients used are 100% natural with fresh herbs and spices, vegetable juices and fruits, nuts and grains,” mentions Diya.

Every facial and therapy are customised to suit your specific skin type. The therapies are priced based on their type and the duration.

  • Facials- Rs 2300 for 60-70 Minutes.
  • Scalp Therapy- 1800- 100 Minutes
  • Body Therapies- Rs 1800 60 Minutes.

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