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Watch your favourite mythological heroes come alive in dashing new avatars through Vimanika Comics and T-shirts. So who do you have for company – you have Kalki the tenth reincarnation of Vishnu, you have Lord Agni and Vayu, you have Shiva, Dashavatar and lots more. Take your pick whatever catches your fancy – while you can grab a copy of one of the coolest comics and graphic novels, you can also get Vimanika themed Wallpapers, Screensavers, Posters, Icons, Mobile Comics and T-shirts as well.

Meet 29-year-old Mumbai-based Karan Vir Arora the Founder of Vimanika Comics, a school dropout who has worked his way through Taj Palace Delhi, Leela Kempinski Mumbai and a BPO called Cleave global in the Marketing Department. He has also worked in Franklin Covey Delhi as a Trainer and a Business Development Exec, completed his business with Amway Corporation a Network marketing company, and is a certified Trainer & Motivational speaker in the Personality School, Mumbai.

How did it all begin?

Though the process started in 2006, Vimanika was officially launched on 17th April 2008. Karan Vir says, “My main inspiration was the character Karna from Mahabharata and I wanted the present generation to know about him. Initially, I wanted to make a movie but the lack of funds and experience held me back. So I thought why not make comics and graphic novels on him, the stories will be copyrighted and I will get the response of the market as well.” He further adds, “I use to read many Indian comics like Amar Chitra Katha and realised that we needed a makeover because in a comparison to the international market we were nowhere close. So that’s how it all began and as for the Vimanika themed t-shirts they are a part of a bigger plan.” With an initial investment of 5 lakhs, Karan Vir started out with Vimanika which he says has been an epic adventure!


You must be thinking how he came up with such a unique name Vimanika for his brand. Karan Vir mentions, “I remember driving and pondering over the name for our company then suddenly just like Indra’s lightning bolt hit me and the name Vimanika appeared! Immediately I called up my partner and we confirmed it officially.” Also since Karan Vir wanted something close to our history and culture he thought that the name Vimanika was apt as it is inspired from the Vimanika Shastra our ancient scriptures which talk about flying machines in Vedic India.

The Team

Vimanika has the contributions of some of the award-winning Indian artists and international editors. Being a dedicated researcher, Karan Vir has conducted extensive study and research on Indian mythology, with the help of subject matter experts such as researchers, archaeologists, and scholars from renowned Indian research institutes to ensure his comics have historical and cultural authenticity. “Our production team comprises of 10 people where each stage of the comic making is divided amongst us. There is someone to write, another to sketch while I overlook the whole pre-production, production and post-production process,” adds Karan Vir. While the in-house artists do most of the designing part, Karan Vir mentions that he gives them the idea, the imagination that helps them further. “Since we work mostly on Indian mythology, that is our niche and theme of Vimanika,” mentions Karan Vir.

The Journey so far…

Though Karan Vir admits there have been many challenges in his line of work, he has learnt two very important lessons – never loose focus of your dream and always believe in yourself. Vimanika Comics and T-shirts have created a niche for themselves owing to art and colour, authenticity, originality and the imagination and visualisation of the entire team headed by Karan Vir. And his t-shirts are so popular that Karan Vir proudly mentions that some of the celebrities who read Vimanika comics are Milind Soman, Ranvijay and Yash Birla to name a few. Before signing off Karan Vir mentions, “Vimanika will be spreading its wings into lots of avenues apart from apparels. We see ourselves in the coming future as the Marvel & DC comics of India!”

So if you wish to grab a copy or buy a cool Vimanika T-shirt, visit to place your order right away.

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