The peace in the chaos

Peace in the chaos. A view from my window. Photo credit: Dhairya Mittal

Out of my window, I see a middle-aged man wearing a sling bag returning from work; I can hear the cars honking while a cyclist with a lime colour helmet is going up the slope at a fast speed. I can hear a flute seller playing a melodious song on the flute while trying to sell them. There is a line of auto-rickshaws and the drivers are playing Ludo on their phones while waiting for passengers.

There is a new building under construction nearby and I can hear the sound of machines. The guards at my society gate are asking everyone for their identity and their Covid-19 negative report. All this and then there are loud bikes racing against one another on the main road which I can hear from my window.

I see a person running trying to catch a moving bus. There is a hawker selling pineapples, apples and pears while claiming that they were the sweetest one’s that one can find. I can smell the lovely aroma of food being cooked coming from the neighbours’ kitchens.

Amidst this hustle and bustle of busy city life, I see a man doing yoga on the terrace in the building opposite mine. There is also an old man in a red shirt walking while listening to songs in the garden.

Contributor: Dhairya Mittal

About our Writing Program Student
Dhairya Mittal is a 7th Grader studying at Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai in Mumbai. He’s an avid reader and loves to play cricket and practise his Taekwondo skills in his free time. A Taekwondo black belt, Dhairya is also an excellent orator and a groomed debater too.

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