10 Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen

There’s one place in the entire house that is by far a personal favourite for anyone. The kitchen of course! And why not, after all, that’s the place from where we get all the home made goodies, a hot cuppa or an evening snack.

Today, everyone seems to be in a hurry and most of the times they tend to miss out on important things just because they fail to organise themselves. That iswhy, it is always best to be organized even in a kitchen. Surprised? Well, to save time and work efficiently we organize our study table, ourworkstation and even our wardrobe.

So why not organize the kitchen? After all, we do spend a considerable amount of time preparing a good meal/ snack for ourselves, right?

How to Organize your Kitchen
10 Easy Tips to Organize your Kitchen
  1. First and foremost, take out everything from the kitchen cabinets and shelves.
  2. Once you’re done, clean it with a cloth dipped and squeezed off the soap water and allow it to dry. In the meantime, sort out the items.
  3. Discard the food items that have well overshot their expiry dates.
  4. Set aside the ones you can use immediately and the ones a little later. Keep them in different shelves, labelled so that you know when you can use what item.
  5. Keep the shelves that are an arm’s distance with the utensils and ingredients you need daily.
  6. Set aside an entire shelf or two for crockery that you will need only when guests arrive.
  7. Label all the jars possible. While you’re away, your hubby or kids will know where what is kept and won’t be lost.
  8. Keep a notepad and pen in the kitchen, whenever you think of an ingredient that you may need, jot it down. This will help you for grocery shopping and not miss out on anything.
  9. Keep a calendar in your kitchen. This will help you to keep tab on the water purifier servicing, gas cylinder refill, electric oven repair etc.
  10. Keep a kitchen clock. That will help you to keep a check on your cooking time and not run late for other things in life.

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