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Food Wishlist – Waffles, Frites and Belgium

History has played a significant role in influencing the food habits in Belgium. German, French and Latin cultures have a dominant presence in their food habits.

Over the years, the natives came across a wide range of people from all across Europe.

Through several experiments they evolved their own food habits and style. With just five percent of agricultural population, Belgium produces over 165 different kinds’ food products, including cheeses. Follow the Eurail map and land up in Belgium to feast on the delicious cuisines!

Waffles in Belgium
Waffles in Belgium

While visiting Belgium try out the Frites (French fries) and Flemish beef stew. Seafood, especially mussels is a favorite, along with beer, waffles and chocolates. Don’t miss the carbonnades flamandes which is the traditional Belgium beef stew with beer.

Characterized by the medieval cooking style, Belgium cuisine incorporates a lot of dry fruits, almonds, herbs, spices, mustard and vinegar. The endive herb dishes such as gratin or in soup, are a must try.

More popularly known as the white gold, endive was first introduced in Paris in 1872. Today this herb is cultivated in Belgium, in a variety of patches, be it in the fields or in kitchen gardens. During your trip to Belgium, try the Waterzooi which is a fish or a chicken stew, flavored with butter, cream and egg yolk and lots of veggies that makes this a wholesome meal.

Roasted chestnuts, waffles and frites are popular road side food! During a window shopping spree, pick up paper cones full of frites garnished with mayonnaise or a flavored sauce. Did we miss the waffles? The waffles taste divine, especially when they melt in your mouth. Take a lazy stroll while the aroma of roasted chestnuts adds to the ambience of gorgeous Belgium.

belgium waffle
Food Wishlist – Waffles, Frites and Belgium

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