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Why 2 bowls of cornflakes does not work permanently

Breaking the myths of the ‘2 week cornflake challenge to a slimmer you’. Find out ‘Why 2 bowls of cornflakes to a slimmer you will not work permanently’.

We were intrigued with a popular cornflakes telly advert that promised of a jaw-dropping waistline matching that of a gorgeous Bollywood diva. 

But alas, working mothers like us and even busier home makers can find it a challenging option to just survive on two bowls of cereals to look glam (and may we add slim and fit?)

With a busy schedule where we are seldom left with ‘me time’, where taking care of a basic beauty, hair or a health regimen takes a back seat, it made us wonder whether a ‘two bowl cornflake challenge for 2 weeks’ can actually make us ‘feel special’!

So the best thing to do here was to check with Mumbai based Nutritionist Shilpa Mittal who sheds some light on the same. Read on…

Keep it for a busy day

Although it is easy or convenient to follow such a diet, whether you’re a housewife or a working woman, having cereals for breakfast and dinner should be used as a handy option only for those busy days and not otherwise!

Plus and Minus of it

Though on the plus side, a breakfast or dinner consisting of cereals does provide a low calorie dietary option, however, it is low in terms of dietary fiber content and protein.

Another plus point – the entire meal gives us about 5.4gm of protein that is majorly contributed by milk, although quite low in terms of fat percent. But do think about your fiber and protein intake too which are equally important for you.

Isn’t it boring?

It does not offer much variety, eating two meals of cereal and milk can be quite monotonous. So it is difficult to be followed for longer periods due to boredom.

Is it all natural?

Most of the vitamins and minerals present are artificially added and not naturally present in it. So ideally it’s always best to go for a home made breakfast or snack.

Is it balanced?

The diet that you follow to meet the ‘2 week weight loss challenge’ is not balanced as it lacks fiber, protein, essential amino acids and fatty acids.

In reality…

There is no single food that can help you lose weight. For instance, moong daal is rich in protein, khakhra is rich in carbs and cornflakes are rich in complex carbs. Variety is the spice of life, so eat variety as God has created.

Will it work?

It may definitely work but it is not a realistic plan to be continued for lifetime. For permanent weight loss the diet should be as close to your normal/ regular diet as possible, only then will you be able to stick to it for lifetime.

Yummy ways to effective weight loss

Weight loss is effective only with a disciplined diet and exercise routine (be it an morning or evening walk, yoga, zumba dance classes – take your pick). Instead of the boring or monotonous ‘2 bowls of cereal challenge’, you can try the following exciting and tasty options:-

  1. Upma (with plenty of veggies)
  2. Parathas (stuffed with paneer or veggies)
  3. Sandwiches- with veggies, egg, chicken, baked beans
  4. Pancakes or Quesadillas
  5. Khicdhi, pulao, briyani
  6. Roti wraps, Frankie
  7. Oats with milk or with veggies
  8. Whole wheat pasta with veggies and paneer (cottage cheese)
  9. Omelettes
  10. Fried rice (if the rice is already cooked)

Healthy kitchen tips for weight loss

However, please note that each dinner option item should provide complex carbohydrates (oats, cornflakes, bread or chapatti), proteins (milk, egg, chicken, dals, beans, pulses or curd), fats (in form of nuts, or oil), vitamins and minerals (from fruits or vegetables).

Bulk up on certain foods like cooked rice, cottage cheese, chicken, mushrooms, some boiled beans like soya beans, moong, kidney beans and chickpeas in your refrigerator and add them generously to salads, stir-fries and rice.

Always stock, any one green chutney (mint or coriander), onion chutney, tamarind chutney & tomato chutney in the fridge. This will be handy as a side dish or doubles up as a sandwich spread also

A lit bit of planning and discipline will help you eat healthy and also lose some weight.

If you’d like to get your dietary chart planned for a healthier you, you can get in touch with Shilpa at the following addresses:

Shilpa Mittal
Nutritionist and Diet Consultant
Health and Fitness android app shilpsnutrilife at

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