Food Review: Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit

Meet the new Santa Claus of food – Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit reminds you of Santa who brings his bag of goodies, just that this one’s got a delectable treat for you. 

We browsed through Chef’s Basket website that neatly lays out every detail of what your little recipe kit consists of.

So if you’re not too sure of what you’re expecting in that box, watch one of their preparation videos and you’ll know how dreadfully easy it is to cook a meal. 

This is an excellent treat for those who groan at the word ‘cooking’ or find cooking a boring job – try it with one of Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit – you’re going to enjoy this fun art ‘n’ craft style of cooking for sure.

We tried out the Mexican Chef’s Basket that came with six burrito wraps, black bean sauce, brown rice, smoked salsa and a Mexican spice mix – all this for just ₹ 400/- definitely not badly priced for a 940gm recipe kit.

The best part being Chef’s Basket Recipe Kits are made up of 100% natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

So we unwrapped this kit one relaxing weekend and carefully followed the instructions on the box.

The packed burritos had their freshness intact and were perfectly toasted on a hot iron tava (griddle). The black bean sauce was a delight that blended beautifully with the brown rice.

The wraps with a wholesome filling of brown rice and black beans with jalapenos thrown in and smoked salsa on the side made a feisty combination.

The black beans sauce was perfectly cooked, the tiny beans retained their character even when combined with the brown rice that cooked really fast.

Those who haven’t tried out Mexican cuisine yet, maybe you start with a Recipe Kit from Chef’s Basket and know what it is all about.

The Lifestyle Portal recommends Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit to those who want to try out something new – currently they’ve got three flavours for you – Mexican, Italian and Thai.

If you’re visiting a friend, instead of flowers – pick up a Recipe Kit from Chef’s Basket, it’s something unique and thoughtful. For those of you who work late it is an ideal quick meal to make.

When you sometimes forget the odd birthday or anniversary and are back late from work, Chef’s Basket Recipe Kits come handy to brighten things up.

It’s like picnic on the go. Carry it with you to a trip –provided you have an access to a kitchen.

On a romantic date for two (at home), this is one thing you could try out with your partner – get those flames up while you cook up a storm and bond over a candlelight dinner, a world cuisine (that took minutes to cook) and some soft music to complete the picture.

So remember you’re not just cooking any meal, you’re cooking a Chef’s Basket meal. You can pick up a Chef’s Basket Recipe Kit across various online stores in Mumbai and Bangalore., and deliver across Mumbai and and deliver across Bangalore. Very soon this yummy recipe kit will be available across India as well.

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