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7 years ago, The Lifestyle Portal was born. As we complete 7 years of our journey, we were looking back at all the things we learned. Our first word in our tagline is ‘eat’; and it is said, you are what you eat. So here are our top 7 vegetarian food recipes that give you a flavour of what our kitchens have to offer:

Begun Bhaja

1. Bengali style Brinjal fry

This recipe is so dreadfully easy that it will make you think, why didn’t I think of this before? One of the best part is, even if the Begun Bhaaja gets cold, there is no need to reheat it as it still tastes so wonderfully festive if had with hot daal and a rice combination.

Masala Baby Brinjal_tanyamunshi
Masala Baby Brinjal

2. Masala baby brinjals

A spicy and a tangy dish, which goes perfectly well with a daal and roti combination. Cook it up with simple ingredients and make a mundane menu come to life. 

Spinach Fritters

3. Spinach fritters

Popeye loves spinach. It is the only ‘legitimate’ way to convince your child to eat the green leafy vegetable which is so rich in iron! A mundane lunch can be brought to life with crispy spinach fritters. It is deliciously crispy and tasty. But mind you, when you deep fry it, soak it on kitchen paper before serving as spinach is known to suck up a lot of oil. But there’s nothing to worry, it is okay to have these fritters once in a while.

How to make Papad Curry
Papad Curry

4. Papad curry

Papads a.k.a papadum are a very popular snack/ side dish served with almost any and very Indian meal. But to make the main dish out of it is not heard often. It’s simple, it’s soulful, it’s yummy.My mum had learnt it from a friend years ago when my dad was serving in the army – that time exchanging recipes, knitting tips and cultural habits was a done thing to do when telephones, televisions (limited), mobile phones and the internet were a far-flung idea – not even thought of!

baby potato raita1
Baby potatoes in curd

5. Sautéed Baby Potatoes in Curd Sauce

Potato lovers unite, here’s a fun recipe made with baby potatoes and curd which you’re simply going to love. I made this as a side dish to compliment a Pulao. I usually buy baby potatoes when in season, sometime back I made the delightful Alu Bhujia, and another day I made it with curd and it turned out fantastic.

Masoor Daal

7. Bengali style Masoor daal

Masoor Daal is quite a popular favourite amongst Bengalis. Tempered with onion seeds, this daal goes beautifully well with Gondhoraaj lemon, fluffy steamed white rice and of course, how can we forget the quintessential aalu bhaja (thinly sliced potato fritters) or Aalu Bhujia on the side.Here is our version of Masoor daal.

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