Saffola Total – your new friend in the kitchen

What brings a smile to our face on a dark cloudy day? A platter of freshly fried pakodas and kadak masala chai of course – and if in the company of friends, it makes the experience even better!

But in today’s day and age when we are getting more health conscious and seeking baked and non-fried items – we’re bound to think twice before reaching out for that plate of deep friend pakodas.

Does it mean that we deprive ourselves of some delicious goodies only because they are deep-fried? Not really, it all depends on the frequency, the preparation and most importantly the type of cooking oil we are using at home.

Cooking Oils at Home

Most of the times we would have noticed mothers/ home makers taking the extra effort to cook some favourite food items at home to usually prevent from falling sick and missing school; or wives going that extra mile to choose a healthier oil to keep their husbands’ cholesterol in control.

The fact is today, we are more aware of what we eat, how we eat and can make a healthy choice. But what about days when we simply want to binge and indulge?

There are days when we just want to dig into something deliciously sinful, but now we can make a choice of a healthier snacking option at home or by going to exclusive restaurants and eateries that ensure that their foods are being cooked and prepared with a healthy oil.

One of the similar principles of preparing deep-fried or for that matter any kind of cuisine at home is that we can easily monitor and practice our own quality control of the ingredients and especially the kind of cooking oil being used.

While we are unsure of what oils maybe used to prepare a dish at a local eatery, we can recreate the same dish at home by choosing a healthier oil such as Saffola Total.

This latest version of Saffola Total is our new superhero coming to our rescue in the kitchen that helps us in maintaining our general health while we consciously dig into our favourite cuisines from across the world.

Mumbai based professor and a mother of two Pallavi Mehta usually makes vada pav a popular local fast food item at home as she can personally ensure the quality of oil and the amount being used to fry the potato vadas.

As a concerned mother she has to constantly add a new snack almost every day to her list to meet the palate of her growing kids – Swadha (12) and Tejas (17), and typically the list features Indian snacks such as puris, cutlets, bread rolls, samosas, pakodas, French fries, vadas and bhaturas that have the power to satiate their hunger pangs when they come back from games and tuitions.

When buying her cooking oil Pallavi says, “I prefer a cooking oil that absorbs less so that we feel light after eating and more importantly I look for high nutritional value in the oil.”

Double the Anti-Oxidant Power

Boasting of double the antioxidant power as compared to the regular olive oil, Saffola Total is known to use a patented Losorb Technology that makes sure that 10% less oil gets absorbed in your food during cooking.

Kolkata based surgeon, Dr. Anjonn Dasgupta adds, “Anti oxidants help in keeping a check on the free radicals in the body that can be created during stress or disease in the body.  One can get their dose of anti oxidants from fruits and vegetables and through food supplements rich in Vitamin A, C and E.”

For a stress induced urban lifestyle, he further adds, “A use of blended cooking oils is always beneficial as it provides a mix and match of benefits coming from two different oils. Such oils help control saturated fats, helps the body to balance out the anti-oxidant properties and also possesses a cholesterol lowering mechanism.”

To compliment the point, Mumbai based Nutritionist Shilpa Mittal states, “Antioxidants are free radical scavengers i.e. they protect, prevent and repair damage done to the cells by free radicals which are caused due to pollution, other lifestyle factors like smoking, intake of unhealthy foods junk foods.”

Multi-Seed Technology

What’s more, it’s Multi-Seed Technology that combines the goodness of two oils (Rice Bran and Sunflower) makes Saffola Total a healthier cooking oil option to choose.

To further the use of multi-seed oil, Shilpa points out, “Rice Bran oil is rich in antioxidant oryzanol. It helps in increasing good cholesterol i.e. HDL and reducing bad cholesterol LDL. Further it has high smoking point that means the oil does not degrade at high temperature so it’s apt for deep-frying.”

She further adds, “Sunflower oil provides a perfect balance of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it the perfect oil to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol. Sunflower is a good source of protective antioxidant vitamin E. Even it has high smoking point so can withstand high temperature cooking.”

So the next time you drop by at the supermarket to pick up your groceries for the month – you know the healthier cooking oil to go for – your friend in the kitchen – Saffola Total!

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  • I never gave much importance to the cooking oil but looking at your blog, I think it’s high time I should consider looking at what I buy! Thanks for sharing.

  • Dear Shankar,
    We’re glad our health write-up on cooking oils by Saffola has been of help.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback.


  • It’s a very interesting post Tanya. Any idea as to what is the price of Saffola Total? Since it’s supposed to be better than Olive oil, I was thinking if it’s better than that in terms of the price offered as well!

  • nice article..I totally agreed with ms.mittal as sunflower oil is good for deep frying or cooking as do not absorb much oil and you get light and nutritious food.


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