Fun Sexy You Winners!

Our Fun Sexy You Contest winners are here!

This Sponsored Contest in collaboration with Fun Sexy You gave away shopping vouchers worth Rs. 1,500, Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 500.

Thank you everyone who participated in this superb contest. To know who are the lucky winners – take a look!

[scg_html_choclate] Merril Diniz (New Delhi) – 1st Prize Winner

Merril takes home Rs. 1,500 worth shopping vouchers from Fun Sexy You. Here’s her winning entry:

‘Fun, Sexy, You’ is really an attitude. It’s about embracing what’s fun, attractive and unique about you, and expressing it in your walk, your talk, your style and through your passion. It’s not about having a perfect body, or being dressed to kill, 24/7, or being the wit at a party. It’s about enjoying life, having fun, laughing at yourself and life. It’s about not getting stuck on those extra curves you wish you didn’t have or wanting a bigger rack. It’s about unleashing your inner hotness, with the body, mind and soul that is yours. This is the core of a fun, sexy you. It took me a long time to figure this out! But as they say, better late than never!

[scg_html_choclate] Sarita Pandey (Vishakapatnam) – 2nd Prize Winner

She wins a shopping voucher worth Rs. 1,000 fro Fun Sexy You. Here’s her winning entry:

Attitude with the ability
I think most of the modern women carry a tag of “fun and sexy me”! It is a simple concept of facing each day with a grit and bravery no matter what. Having the courage to get up with a bruised face every time you get knocked black and blue by the life and laughing in the face of difficulties. Not succeeding in every role that life has donned me with but trying hard and celebrating every time I accomplish something simple or achieve the greatest of great. Adding beauty to this world by my presence, unrepentant and loving myself for the way I am, makes me absolutely fun and sexy!

[scg_html_choclate] Shruti Chopra (Wellington) – 3rd Prize Winner

She wins a Rs. 500 shopping voucher from Fun Sexy You. Here’s her winning entry:

My life is forever on the run,
But I never forget to revel in the sun or miss out on fun,
Long chatty talks with in-laws too, I make these part of my fun & happiness too.

Being Sexy is important but a waste if without intellect,
Added essentials oomph loads of random acts of kindness for all and not just for a few select,
That’s my key to being –fun, sexy, free and just being me

‘FSY’ could be YOU, just explore the above written Truth and dare and care for a happier you to make dreams come true.

Honourable Mention 1 – Tanya Alvares Trindade

FSY to me is shy on the outside, sultry on the inside…pussycat on the outside, tigress on the inside…cool on the outside, hot on the inside!

Honourable Mention 2 – Hifza Kazi

FSY to me implies being extremely self confident, having positive body image & trying to be your original self rather than emulate someone because everyone is beautiful & unique in their own special way!

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