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Sublime Joaillerie – The New Line of Contemporary Jewellery

Her love for contemporary styles in jewellery led 29-year-old Bangalore-based Rima Ravindran to her launch her brand ‘Sublime Joaillerie’ in 2010. A Graduate in Jewellery Design and Manufacture from S.N.D.T Women’s University, Mumbai, Rima has worked for more than nine years in European, Middle Eastern, American and Asian markets as well as for various jewellers across India and the Middle East.

She started her career with ‘Keishi Pearl Collection’ for Al Futtaim in the Middle East and gradually moved on to Damas, where she worked on the Fior Collection.

Rima has also contributed her jewellery designs for Swarovski’s Gem Vision 2011. In 2006, she has won the Perles De Tahiti Award for her designs in the national and international level and her designs have also been shortlisted by World Gold Council.

When did it all begin?

She started her studio in Bangalore by taking up commissioned designs for various clients. Since these were designs against order her initial investment was not very high.

“I love contemporary styles and considering the influence of international trends such as floral patterns and colour blocking (a trend of using blocks of bright and bold colours that compliment each other) in today’s fashion industry, I felt it was the right time for contemporary jewellery styles to flourish,” says Rima.


Rima explains, “For me, the whole process of creating jewellery is sublime, from the inspiration to the visualisation of the design, to putting it down on paper, to the final production of the piece.”

Her idea behind using the French word for jewellery was just to emphasise on the European style of jewellery that she creates and since Parisians are known to be fashion forward, Rima thought the brand name was just right!

Challenges faced

With the main focus in Contemporary Jewellery, marketing her work as a brand has been the most strenuous part, where the whole task of trying to get her foothold in a relatively new market, has been quite a challenge for Rima.

“My main challenge has been in marketing Sublime Joaillerie as an upcoming Contemporary Luxury brand. My company is still in its early phase, so I still have a long way to go in terms of exposure in the current market. But I do believe that the concept behind Sublime Joaillerie is what will stand out in the industry. The only way I can keep Sublime Joaillerie in the forefront is by creating new styles and concepts,” claims Rima.

What makes Sublime Joaillerie unique?

Rima who primarily creates jewellery designs in gold, precious and semi-precious gems takes care that each item created by her is unique. “ I think the knowledge that you own a piece of art is reason enough to own a Sublime Joaillerie piece,” smiles Rima.

According to her, the USP of her brand is that each design is different. “I create only one piece per design, the design is never repeated. I think this alone would definitely make Sublime Joaillerie stand apart from other brands, where usually pieces are manufactured in bulk,” adds Rima.

Getting in touch

If you’d like to own an exquisite piece of jewellery from Sublime Joaillerie, you can contact Rima for a one- on-one meeting to select your choice of design from her portfolio or even get something customised to your needs.

Before signing off Rima mentions that she would like to explore opportunities in collaborating with fashion designers or jewellery companies in the country to showcase her skills on a wider platform.


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