How a story unfolds one evening in my neighbourhood

Text by Anusmita Dutta

I am walking down the street, and it is dark. This is obvious because it is 9 o’clock at night. Usually, it is rare that I venture out at that hour. My destination is sparsely lit, and I see a  woman holding a torch above her head with her right hand, and in her left hand, she is holding a tabula ansata. She is familiar, very familiar to me. There are two men in a white shirt and black trousers walking aimlessly. One of them has a slight paunch. Both seem at ease with the place. They are occasionally sharing a word or two with those around them. A middle-aged lady in red, breaks into a smile as she spots a man dressed in blue. Maybe it is her date for the evening. Soon, they just disappear from my view, as they push themselves into a corner for their rendezvous.

I spot a basketball net, and it takes me back to my school days. I remember how elders used to say that playing this game helps children grow taller. I am unable to think more because just then a father and daughter catch hold of my attention. The little girl is giggling and teasing her father. I notice a lot of red, blue, and white colors in the place. There is a flag with the tricolor and little stars on it. The flag spells the ‘SUPERPOWER’.  The father of the small girl is drinking from a glass that has white, red and blue stripes painted on it. I see a girl sitting with her male friend. They seem relaxed for a weekday. They are chatting and laughing.  The white color in her dress makes her look fresh. I notice her shirt has thin red, white and, blue strips at the border. It is a mere coincidence but her dress adds to the ambiance because the American presence is just so significant here.  The girl is happy, talking and eating crispy brown spring rolls.

Guess where I am?: Photo courtesy: Anusmita Dutta
Guess where I am?: Photo courtesy: Anusmita Dutta

I notice the music, history, and sports. People with any of these interests will love to be here. There are paintings with important historical events and musical instruments on display. There are sports memorabilia. I look up at the brick wall in front of me and a big roller skate made of iron catches my eye. Maybe professional players use them or they are just for a decorative purpose.

As I engrossed in my world,  I am interrupted by a man wearing a blue tee-shirt. A wooden pan is placed on my table. The wooden pan and the brick walls give the place a rustic look. The brown triangles on the pan remind me of building blocks my daughter plays with. I am on a diet, but the triangles dotted with cheese, chicken, and vegetables look quite tempting to be refused altogether. I put aside my notebook and pen and decide to take a bite of the food.

Indeed, Broadway in Thane is that quaint eatery that not only offers delectable continental food but also mesmerizes the visitors with its American retro-style decor. Here, iconic figures like Statue of Liberty, Elvis Presley, and American sports memorabilia dot the walls.

The father and daughter join me. I have my family’s company in the evening. Both are digging into the pizzas served on the table. It is an evening well-spent.

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Anusmita Dutta
Anusmita Dutta

Anusmita Dutta
Anusmita Dutta works as the Content Head in She started her career in the e-learning industry but moved on to writing in the print and the web medium as well. She is also a Spoken English Tutor and a children’s storyteller.

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