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Sponsored Contest: ‘Style your Dad with the Myntra App’ Winners

Father's Day Contest WinnersHey friends, here we are with our winners of the Father’s Day Contest.

We received plenty of responses and had a tough time picking the best three.

So here’s our winning entries to the contest:

[scg_html_choclate] 1st Prize Winner – Merril Diniz, from New Delhi [scg_html_choclate] 1st Prize Winner - Merril Diniz

Product: Cobra Paris Watch
Product Code: 768561
Price: Rs. 10,349/- (after discount)

My dad – Antonio Nonato Gregorio Diniz – is a curious mix of old school values and new-age tech. He is and has always been militant about punctuality and is in fact 15 minutes early for any appointment. This is a quality I admire and envy about him.

On the other hand, he is one of the most tech-savvy 69-year gentlemen I know! He began plotting and planning his travels online from the early 90s before the days of Yatra and Cleartrip. He does lots of online shopping these days – shoes, electronics, perfumes, et al, as he lives in a place where the choices are limited.

He also indulges in a spot of online trading every now and then, and likes to be on top of all the latest gadgets.

After 2005, he went through a series of life-altering surgeries that took a toll on him physically, but it did not break his spirit, his curiosity and his passions (touch wood). He tends to have a ” DIY” (Do It Yourself) approach to problem-solving with science, common sense and multiple skills thrown into the mix. For instance, you shall never see an electrician in the vicinity of our home unless there’s a calamity!

My dad’s favourite watch is Rado, but since I could not find it on the Myntra app, I would choose the Cobra Paris Men Silver-toned Chronograph Dial watch.

It looks classy, edgy and multi-faceted (like my dad!). In terms of functionality, it helps keep track of time from the date and day of the week, down to the second – perfect for a man who appreciates technology and likes to be on time!

[scg_html_choclate] 2nd Prize Winner – Pina Raval, Mumbai [scg_html_choclate] 2nd Prize Winner - Pina Raval

Product Code – A388
Casio Men Steel-toned Dial Watch
Price – Rs. 2,845/-

My father in law likes silver dial watches. He had one before but now he has other kinds of watches. So I’d go for this silver dial watch for him as I’m sure he would love this from his daughter-in-law. He is my father, not just my father-in-law, because I lost my father in my childhood. I learnt a lot from his life’s experience, valuable lessons such as patience, duties towards family and the importance of peace. He always tells me to enjoy life and give time first to your family and give happiness to your surrounding people and so on this Father’s Day I will be very happy to give him this watch using the Myntra App.

[scg_html_choclate] 3rd Prize Winner – Swadha Mehta, Mumbai [scg_html_choclate]3rd Prize Winner - Swadha Mehta

Product – Puma Men Black Track Pants
Rs. 1,149/-

I want to give these lounge pants to my dad because he loves going for morning walks and every Sunday he goes for a long walk to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park with his friends. More so, he often doesn’t get the time to buy clothes for himself as he is always busy with his professional and personal committments. According to him, “ONE SHOULD DRESS IN WHAT ONE FEELS COMFORTABLE” and with the help of the Myntra App, I would like to help him by buy these comfortable track pants and reduce a task from his to-do-list.

~ Honourable Mentions ~

Here are the other entries that we received for the Father’s Day Contest:

(i) Manisha Mehta, Mumbai Manisha Mehta & her Dad

Product: Men Blue Silk Sleeveless Nehru Jacket from Fab India
Rs. 2,490/-

Hardworking, strict, equanimous and load of fun to be with….this can perhaps be the perfect definition to fit ‘papa’. I still remember how papa used to take his scooter to work, even in the freezing winters of Delhi, just so that we could travel by car to school.

The demands of work, busy lifestyles and daunting traffic are perfect deterrents to head out shopping with dads. However, The Myntra app is perfect to style my dad this Father’s Day since it allows me to shop when I like and where I can- that’s usually post midnight once my little one is asleep! They have a very wide collection for men, women and children with many brand options and styles. My one stop shop for quick and convenient shopping!

(ii) Nafeeza Pavri, Ahmedabad

Product Code: 818468 Nafeeza Pavri & her Dad
Adidas Pack of 3 Deo’s

​” A girls best friend and protector is always her dad. This comes as just another opportunity among the many to say how much he means to her.”

(iii) Mrinalini Awasthi, Ahmedabad

My selections for Father’s day gifts:

1) Product Code: 761027
Harvard Yellow Casual Shirt
Size: 44

2) Product Code: 709489
Tommy Hilfiger Men blue Sidney skinny fit jeans
Size 38

3) product code: 819444
Urbane men tan brown leather loafers
Size 10

4) product code: 675317
Ted Lapidusmen brown dial watch 5127402Mrinalini Awasthi (Her son with his daddy)

5) Product Code: 757738
Ray ban men aviator sunglasses Orb8313

These I chose on behalf of my son for HIS father, who would be celebrating the day first time together!!

His father is a man of style, attitude and being from Army background, slightly uptight about his fashion taste. He is very finicky about styles, quality, price and of course fitting.

The colors I have chosen are Vivaan’s favourite and the choice of shirt jeans and watch are made by him. He has chosen what he would like to see his father dressed in and as.

Having MYNTRA offer the variety of brands,styles, quality and pocket friendly prices, all at the tap of the fingers; not to forget the timely manner of delivery; makes it my first stop destination for any and every shopping. If I were to go browsing through a mall, it would take me a full day of half work done with my toddler running all over the place. But MYNTRA is my shopping mall open after hours and all shops rolled into a few pages of technology!

(iv) Tejas Mehta, Mumbai Tejas

Product Code: 592496
Harvard Unisex Black Premuim Legacy Laptop Bag

Not only would this bag help my father to find his essential official paraphernalia easily but would also save a bit of his time, time better spent with me and my lovely family. Besides, it looks pretty good.

Parth Raval, Mumbai

Product – Invictus Men Blue & White Half Sleeve Lined Tailored Fit Semi Formal Parth and Pranav Raval (Father & Son)
Rs. 1,039/-
My father often runs out of casual wear, due to fast life he does not like to shop often and when he shops for himself he is more worried about his corporate wear. And with the Myntra App he can now also shop for casual wear from home in his free time.

Pranav Raval, Mumbai

Men Whiite Casual Shirt
Rs. 799/-

I have a very old memory of my father wearing a short collar plain shirt so I would like to go for this plain shirt with short collar using the Myntra App.

Apoorval Mairal, Mumbai

Product: INVICTUS Suprima Men White and Blue Checked Slim Fit Semiformal Shirt.Apoorva Mairal & her Father
Product code-689534

I experienced the Myntra app for the first time, and it’s really cool. I have selected a shirt for my dad. I chose a shirt for my dad because baba looks jus amazing when he wears shirt especially blue colour. I loved this shirt on the myntra app a lot. I think baba will look cool in this shirt. Happy Father’s day baba. We love you a lot. Hope you like what we selected for you.
Myntra app is amazing. Myntra app has a variety of brands to choose from and dats the best part.

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