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Street Konnect 2018 – Food, Shopping & More…

The countdown has begun as we’re all looking forward to an exciting Street Konnect’s Annual Festival on 16th December 2018. Everyone is looking forward to this street fest that promises to get better and innovative with each coming year. This year there will be almost 80 stalls ranging from food, fashion, handmade, organic goodies, pet care and lots more.

Make sure you come with an empty stomach (okay, not entirely) and empty cloth bags, as you’re going to eat and shop to your heart’s desire!

Here is just the tip of the iceberg that you will experience at Street Konnect 2018:

food stalls at Street Konnect 2018
Dig into some soulful homemade goodies at Street Konnect 2018. Photo courtesy: Street Konnect 2018


Founder: Nasreen Siddiqui

A homemaker originally from Lucknow, U. P., now based out of Thakur Village with an everlasting passion for cooking, Nasreen Siddiqui is a first-time participant at Street Konnect. Nasreen’s kitchen brings to you mouthwatering delicacies, cooked in a hygienic environment, at extremely reasonable rates. The items on the menu include special non-vegetarian biryanis (Mumbai and Lucknowi style), Kababs (Tikka | Chatpata | Pahadi), and Chicken Keema Pav.)

2. Suprabhat
Founder: Shruti Maroo

Suprabhat, as the name indicates, is a new dawn in our lives too where homemakers are entering into the world of cuisine. Items available will be are pav bhaji samosas and chaat at reasonable prices.

3. Jagtap Puneri Kitchen

They serve typical Maharashtrian food. Jagtap Puneri Kitchen’s food is made by the homemade masalas. The items in the menu to look forward are – Chicken-bhakari , Chicken kheema pav , Chicken biryani , Jhunka bhakari with thech, Puneri misal, Poha, upma, Shira , shabudana khichadi.

4. Sindh and Kutchh Express

Founder: Sapna Bhansali

Sindh and Kutchh express brings you food from the kitchen of those who believe that way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. We are serving 1. ‘Rare to find’ traditional ‘Sindhi food’ and 2. ‘Kutchhi food’ which is ‘desi but with a slight twist’ Come n Gorge on Desi Pizza with a healthy bajri base Dal pakwan Gulab jamuns Paan shots Kutchhi beer😉 & many more!

5. Gourmet Burgers and More…

Founder: Satarupa Maiti

If you are a connoisseur of good food, welcome aboard Gourmet Burgers and More… where great taste meets the discerning palate. Satiate your burger cravings with their yummilicious Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian sliders, homemade crispy patty bound with lettuce, tomato and cheese. Choice of topping caramelised onion and mushroom, packed between freshly baked slider sesame buns Indulge your taste buds with the flavours of their healthy nutri-fritters filled with the goodness of corn, spinach and peas, and a heart of cheese. Take a bite of their sweet crepes and satisfy your sweet tooth with the soft creamy mawa center. Try out these lip-smacking dishes at surprisingly low prices.

6. Shashwata’s

Founder: Jagruti Kothare

Shashwata’s from Shashwat Farm and Food products LLP brings you food whose at least one raw material is from Shashwat Farms. Farming practised is based on Padma Shri Subhash Palekar’s Natural farming technique. This venture not only allows Jagruti to offer you quality natural produce but at the same time gives her the opportunity to employ both urban and rural woman. Since she works on seasonal produce, she knows, she’s giving you the best.

7. Mon Patisserie

Founder: Sadia Bukhari

Mon Patisserie offers a premium range of unique, handcrafted, baked sweet & savoury delights. Choose from an assortment of Preservative-Free Cakes, Cupcakes, Pastries, Tarts & more for ‘Tummy Nirvana’!

8. Bakul’s Kitchenette

Founder: Manisha

Bakul’s Kitchenette serves homemade fusion and traditional food on weekends. They have started this venture a year ago and have sera ved delicious variety of cuisine every Sunday morning in Thakur Village. Keeping our tradition of serving unique dishes to satiate your palate we are bringing for you : – Kat Wada, Batata wada with mouthwatering spicy curry. – Srilankan Curry Idli – Button idlis in sweet n spicy srilankan style coconut curry – Delhi Papri Chaat. – famous Chatpata papri chaat with twist.

9. Sakhi Sangam’s Snack Ville

Founder: Nishi Mantri –  Sakhi Sangam Group

Sakhi Sangam gives wings to every homemaker to live their passion. Here are few talented volunteers offering homely and healthy spread at our Snack Ville 1. GRILLED SPINACH PANEER SANDWICH 2. MAYO SANDWICH 3. CANAPÉS WITH SPROUTS 4. HOT MASALA CORN 5. CHOCO BALLS

10. KuKi’s Homemade Treats

Founder: Kumud Sampat

KuKi’s Homemade Treats is an endeavour by a senior citizen couple, who is making an attempt to fill their empty nest with their talent and passion. Their enthusiasm and zest for life are contagious. A visit to their stall will fill your stomach and your heart. ❤

11.  MUNCH with KETTLE

Founders: Nidhi Mehta / Palak

MUNCH with KETTLE is a winter food fiesta consisting of Gujju DABELI, Bambiiya VADA PAV, Chowpatty BHEL and Kolahapuri MISAl rolls along with Ginger and Min tea.

12. Refresh

Founder: Sangeeta Pachisia

Refresh offers homemade sherbets with all natural flavors from fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. Their sherbets are also available without any artificial colours. Drop by and try their delicious burrito bowls.

13. Tantrum

Founder: Neetu Banka

Tantrum presents delicious snacks such as Super cheesy Nachos, authentic Gujarati Surti Sev Khamani, cheesey exotic pasta, Much demanded Belgium chocolate Donuts and Cold Bru coffee especially called from Chikmagalur.

14. Mini Bites

Founder: Pooja Kapadia

A home food studio stems out of Pooja Kapadia’s innate love and passion for food. Join them for some bite-size delicacies such as paneer corn burgers, Frankie Thepla wraps, Chana chat Undhiyu and more.

15. Kaapi Konnect Coffee

Founder: Uday Rawal

Kaapi Konnect Coffee is almost a cultural icon in South India. With the intention of introducing and extending this to the metropolitan Mumbai, Kaapi Konnect wants to launch a chain of outlets that provide Mumbaikars with the robust fragrance and wholesome flavour of the traditional south Indian coffee. Unlike the fancy cafes which are more of social events and conversations, Kaapi Konnect is all about celebrating the love for coffee.

16. Litti Chokha

Founder: Nisha Ojha

Litti Chokha, the taste of Bihar is also very popular in northern India. It is stuffed with sattu which is high in protein content and baked and served with bharta and chutney. Taste the authenticity and deliciousness of Bihar in a nutshell.

17. Anada Food Bites

Anada Food Bites presents a variety of flavours from our Country, right from ☘Delhi’s Parathe wali gali , ☘Chennai’s Masala idli, ☘Refreshing home-made Teas and ☘Healthy Orange Juice.

shopping at Street Konnect
Get ready to shop till you drop at Street Konnect 2018. Photo courtesy: Street Konnect


18. नमिता’s Art Corner

Founder: Namita Gupte

नमिता’s Art Corner offers a wide range of hand painted and original art of our customers. Their speciality products include all types of jute and cotton bags and eye-catching canvas paintings at an affordable price.

19. Gehena Handmade Jewels

Founder: Supriya Vijay Gehena

Gehena is a handmade jewellery label which aims to create simple, elegant, unique and affordable jewellery that women aspire to wear. They specialise in semi-precious stones and pure silver jewellery. Their speciality is Kumihimo braided jewellery.

20. Maaii Sarees

Founder: Kashmira Vaidya

Maaii sarees are designed in-house and are manufactured (weaved) at a small charitable handloom centre. A large part of the proceeds from this is used as a sponsorship fee, to educate the young aspiring weaver’s that work on our designs. Apart from getting to practice their skills, they also get an opportunity to learn English and entrepreneurship at the centre.

21. Naayika

Founder: Sumitha Prabhu

Naayika is the house of kalamkari and Ikkat handlooms designed in Indo western style. They have a variety of designs that range from bags to custom made clothing.


Founder: Surekha K

The tradition begins from here at Prathaastu, which is none other than pure Indian culture which comes from our villages. Prathaastu touches the roots of India that brings out the rural fashion with a twist. These are purely handmade and curated by Surekha K.

23. Skidi Brush & Magical Handmade

Founder: Tanuja Mudholkar

Skidi Brush & Magical Handmade Skidi Brush works for upscaling and recycling glass and wood products to make your house look more elegant and beautiful. They deal in decoupage items for home decor and gifting. Magical Homemade is into homemade soaps (Herbal scrubs), shampoos( herbal), Hair oil (with camphor), Aroma oil(olive oil), Aroma salt, creams, hand-wash and more.

24. Priti Divine Creations

Founder: Priti

A divine collection of handmade soaps with pure essential oils and healing properties, succulents in a glass pot, Jaipuri bedsheets, pillow covers, jewellery stoles and much more!

25. Krisha’s Creation 

Founder: Jigna Harsh Udeshi

Khrisha’s Creation, a hub of handcrafted designer soaps, a wide range of scrubs, packs, bath salts, handmade designer jewellery, homemade chocolates and lots more. Everything is natural, pure, and customised as per your requirements.

26. Dulari – Handloom Sarees

Founder: Varsha Panicker

Dulari from Dastakar LLP brings you handloom sarees from weaver cooperatives and NGOs working with them. Also, a small collection of hand-painted/ hand block printed sarees and jewellery to match. They work and train with women from the marginalized sections of the society and aim to provide a sustainable livelihood for them.

27. Meherkriti

Founder: Shilpi Srivastav

Meherkriti in its endeavour to empower the skilful Indian artisans promotes their work on its platform and has a wide collection of handcrafted women wear, accessories, artefacts, gifting solutions and much more directly sourced from artisans across India.


Founder: Polly Sanjeev Bose

Polly’s SANJEEVANSH HANDMADE CREATION’S makes your parties and events colourful and bright with the vibrant creatives and decoratives which are all handmade. They deal in handmade crafts and products which include Hair Accessories & Jewelleries, Home Decors and Items customized as per your choice. They are bringing for you an exclusive collection of creative & fun-filled masks, pencil caps, hair accessories, home decors and lots more.

29. Polka Dots

Founder: Fatima Turra

Polka Dots is a hand-grown designer brand of unique Clay jewellery and artefacts. As the products are not mass manufactured, and the designer makes each one of them individually with her hands, you will end up having one of a kind piece that cannot land in anyone else’s closet. Exclusivity is one of the greatest plus points that comes with a handmade art brand.

30. Hiranya

Founder: Neha Sharma Hiranya

At ‘Hiranya’ they understand that Jewellery is a prized possession which is often passed on from one generation to another. They’re all set to present to you handpicked designs from different parts of India and abroad. They also specialize in affordable replicas of pure Silver Jewellery & authentic Afghan Jewellery.

Artists corner at Street Konnect 2018
Artists corner at Street Konnect 2018. Photo courtesy: Street Konnect


31. Pencil Perceptions

Founder: Sadashiv Sawant

Pencil Perceptions offers FIRST TIME IN INDIA LEARN HYPER REALISTIC PENCIL ART! Anybody can learn this art form irrespective of age and profession. Pencil Perceptions is a platform for you to rejoin and relive the passion you have for art. It’s all about bringing life into each artwork you draw! They are black and white art lovers who train your eyes to observe, to see what we cannot see usually at once. Pencil Perceptions make you create artwork which looks almost like a photograph.

32. Artist Payal Jain

Founder: Payal Jain

She conducts home art classes and at the Street Konnect 2018 festival, she will be presenting all types of art and craft paintings, mixed media work, bottle art, cards and envelopes making, customised orders for every occasion.

Kinjal Manek Bliss Art Studio

Founder: Kinjal Manek Bliss

Kinjal Manek Bliss, by Kinjal Manek, is a visual art and illustration design studio. They create chic and artsy products ranging from personal invites to customized corporate offerings. Kids or an office honcho, they’ve got your needs covered.

33. Panache Palette Art Studio

Founder: Archana Srivastava

Panache Palette is an art studio that endeavours to design handmade artefacts for interior decoration. Their motto is “From Thought to Art” – is where they create art in the theme that you want. In Street Konnect 2018, they will bring a wide range of their designs, showcasing different themes and styles, both original and inspired by the old masters. They also work on commission/ order basis, and conduct workshops to teach people different art forms and empower them to express themselves.

Street Konnect Festival 2018
Street Konnect Festival 2018



Their stall has skillfully embroidered handkerchiefs, bags, organizers and folders. INSEED creates and sells these items to support the education of underprivileged children. Over the last 10 years they have worked to raise awareness of the hazards of excessive usage of thin plastic bags in our daily life.

35. Mission Swayam Siddha

Mission Swayam Siddha’s main objective is to empower economically and socially disadvantaged women of our society. With vocational training provided, they produce a range of products like jute, embroidered products, stationery, diyas, candles and costume jewellery. The revenue generated from their activities is expected to be a sustainable source of income for trained women thus helping them to achieve their dream of becoming swayamsiddhas.

Street Konnect Festival 2018 - shop for your pets too.
Street Konnect Festival 2018 – shop for your pets too. Photo courtesy: Street Konnect


36. Just for Wags

Founder: Khushboo Kapadia

Khushboo Kapadia is a pet parent to her beagle called Deo. Her inspiration to leave her job at a hotel and join the pet industry was Deo, who loves both playing and destroying toys. So Khushboo came up with the idea of both getting and stichting unique sturdy toys for them at very reasonable prices. They also have a section for unbreakable toys for pet-parents who have given up on ever having a toy intact for a long time.

37. Yakk!! 

Founder: Ditisha Pet Chews

Yakk!! is known for its healthy- protein-vegetarian chew bars for our four-legged friends which are made from Yak & cow milk in the upper Himalayan regions of Nepal, Sikkim & Darjeeling. It’s a dog food treat you would find your dog drooling over.

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