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Style Tips for Summer Parties

Summer parties call for careful selection of clothes and accessories so that you can enjoy without sweating it out. After all, it is most essential to strike a balance between comfort and glamour during summers. Here is how you can go about it:

Pick suitable fabrics

Experiment with colours and fabrics suited to Indian summers like khaadi, cotton and linen. Stick to floral prints that have shades of lavender, mauve, white and light blue; shades of pastel, off-white and cream go well too. Wear kurtis or tunics with sequined V-collars or halter and sleeveless short tops. Beige cotton or linen trousers, linen shorts or Capri compliment all tunics or tops. Knee and calf length skirts and trendy linen dresses are also apt for summer parties. However, avoid sequined and glitter tops for day wear.

Keep your make up light during summer
Keep your make up light during summer

Lighten up your make-up

Keep your make up as light as possible. Summers make us sweat and if it’s not in an air- conditioned venue, you wouldn’t want the make up to spoil the look. Go for water based foundation, kohl, mascara and nude lip gloss. If you tend to sweat a lot, avoid eye liners and liquid foundation. Powdered compacts are better, you can always reapply if you want, but do so lightly and evenly all over. If it’s an outdoor day party, use sunscreen.

Go for breezy shoes and accessories

Compliment your summer party wear with nude colour shoes. Colours like beige, brown, pastel green and light yellow work well for summers. Avoid black shoes, boots and footwear that cover your feet completely. Instead, go for strappy sandals like studded gladiator shoes that are stylish and glamorous. Match your bag with a similar shade of your shoes. A clutch purse is ideal. Just ensure it’s easy on the eye, with not too much glitter. For accessories, silver and platinum with or without precious stones are classic choices but funky costume jewelry could spin its magic too, depending on what you are wearing. However, be careful not to go over board.

Keep your hair in control

Tie your hair up high in a ponytail or straighten your hair and pull a portion back from the crown area with a clip and allow the rest of the hair to fall on your shoulders. The idea is to achieve a clean look.

Opt for breezy accessories & fabric this summer
Opt for breezy accessories & fabric this summer

Smell good, feel good

Before a party, take a shower with citrus or lemongrass body wash with exfoliating beads or with a deodorizing menthol soap to cleanse and smooth your skin. Use perfumes or deos with 24 hour protection, powered with lemon scents like Caribbean lime. If you sweat excessively, use talcum powder as it absorbs sweat but don’t overuse it. Use a wet towel to wipe off extra powder from your body. Avoid using it if you’re wearing a sleeveless top. And just before you step out, sprinkle some foot powder between your toes and wipe out extra to keep your feet smelling nice. Now, go out there and sizzle in your summer best!

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