Product Review: SoulTree – Your Secret to Healthy & Beautiful Skin

SoulTree Product Review by Tanya MunshiAs you all are aware that we at The Lifestyle Portal are big supporters of natural, organic and chemical free way of living. Well, we know that it is not 100% possible to switch over, but we can gradually start making the change one step at a time. Opting for something that’s less or has no chemical preservatives, pesticides comes at a price, but it is always good for a greater good in the long run.

We’ve featured several natural cosmetic brands on our website and are proud to share with your our review on the latest natural costemic brand – SoulTree.

SoulTree is India’s First Range Of BDIH Certified Natural Beauty Product company that boasts of using certified organic ayurvedic herbs and natural origin ingredients. Their products are free of synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances; and the best part being, they are free of paraffins, silicones and are not tested on animals.

Now SoulTree has four different ranges of products to offer –

  • Amrita – Skin Care Range
  • Keshava – Hair Care Range
  • Ananda – Bath Care Range
  • Mohini – Beauty Range

We got to try out some of their heavenly products from Amrita and Mohini line of cosmetics and we’re here to tell you what our little beauty git sets contained and how good they are!

SoulTree Product Review by Tanya MunshiSoulTree Lip balm (Priced at Rs. 195 for 6gms) – Made with a delightful concoction of kokum butter, lotus and organic ghee; one gentle touch of your fingertip and this little container will welcome you with its lightly sweet smelling soufflé lipbalm. Apply just a little on your lips and rediscover a new dimension to inner beauty that starts with that soulful smile of yours.

Colour Kohl Ayurvedic Kajals (Rs. 350 per shade) – We love kajals and khols; and what a treat it was when our little SoulTree gift box had this earthy dark brown kajal waiting to be discovered. It’s soft and smooth to apply, very soothing and calming to the eyes that constantly battle computer glares and the city pollution. SoulTree has 12 shades of organic kajals – cream, blue, henna, dark brown.

These gentle kajals are painstakingly crafted through traditional methods (thumbs up for no chemical processes involved). It includes refreshing ingredients such as organic mustard oil, organic ghee and Organic Sweet Almond Oil.

Get those SoulTree range of kajals to adds a hint of drama to your eyes.

Colour Rich Ayurvedic Lipcare (Rs. 450 per shade)– This is definitely a very good news for women as SoulTree has introduced a safe lipstick that is lead free, chemical free and 100% vegetarian.

They have 18 shades and each of their lipsticks contain natural origin colours that are blended with organic sweet almond oil, organic ghee, and wild honey.

There should be no second thoughts as to why you shouldn’t be opting for a SoulTree lipstick. SoulTree Product Review - by Tanya Munshi

Ayurvedic Cleanser (Rs. 350 for 200ml) – A whiff of this gentle cleanser will transport you to paradise. The SoulTree aloe and rose water cleanser comes with a skin toning liquorice and is crafted from certified organic farms and essential oils.

Massage it gently onto your face and watch your skin rejuvenate with its mere touch.

Face Wash (Oily to Combination Skin) (Rs. 295 for 120ml) – This has a mischievous hint of nutgrass and neem blended to perfection with soothing chamomile. Your skin will feel blessed after washing your face with this divine concoction.

Ayurvedic Moisturiser (Rs. 350 for 200ml)– End your skin pampering session with SoulTree’s Ayurvedic Moisturiser that’s made with apricot oil, hone and kokum butter. What makes this product unique is that it is free from Mineral Oil and uses ingredients that are from certified organic farms, essential oils and are completely plant based.

You can pick up their Gift Sets that are priced at Rs. 995 and Rs. 795 or a Mini Gift Set priced at Rs. 250 to get a mix of the SoulTree products that can be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, a Rakhi gift or as an anniversary present.

One gentle touch of SoulTree’s beauty and skin care products is what our tired city bred skin and body needs. The Lifestyle Portal truly feels blessed for have received a chance to use their products as now we know what healthy skin needs and truly feels like.

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