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Say Adios to Premature Grey Hair

Are you in your twenties and already worrying about a grey hair that showed up? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. All you need to do is review your eating and lifestyle habits to get your natural hair color back.

Say Adios to Premature Grey Hair
Say Adios to Premature Grey Hair

Food Tips
A bowl of yoghurt a day keeps grey hair away. Basically, you need to include vitamin B in your diet. Avoid oily, artificially flavored and colored food products. Heavy-duty carbohydrates in your diet can reduce antioxidants in the body, making the hair dry and brittle. Incorporate cashews, almonds, fish and sea food in your diet. These are rich in melanin, iodine, iron and mineral copper that are essential for healthy hair.

Home Tips
Massage soaked tea leaves or concentrated tea water on the scalp and leave on for about 10–15 minutes after shampoo. Regular washing of hair with tea extract twice a week helps in converting grey hair to black or brown.

Make your own hair mask! Mix olive oil and a mashed banana and apply it on your hair. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before a wash. Apply this hair mask once a week for about two months and then stop. You can start this routine again after two months. Henna leaves if boiled in coconut oil can be applied as a paste in the hair and washed after an hour of application. Coconut oil and henna can make your hair black.

Healthy Habits
Tension and worry are the main culprits causing grey hair. Practice physical exercises like yoga to keep tensions and worries at bay. Physical exercises are a must for proper blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen to every corner of your body, giving you a sense of well being and good health.

Exercises such as toe touching are good for your hair as the blood reaches the head and scalp, promoting hair growth. As far as possible, avoid smoking and drinking. Smoking causes premature greying. Refrain from using too many hair products such as sprays or gels. Some chemicals may be harmful and can cause greying due to overuse or prolonged use. Heavy intake of caffeine — coffees, colas and teas — can cause premature greying. Keep your caffeine intake moderate — one to two cups per day is ideal. Brush your hair thoroughly every night before heading to bed. This will promote blood circulation in the scalp and sound sleep, both essential in preventing greying.


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