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Men’s take on Women’s Day – Jigar Mehta

The Lifestyle Portal presents a series of interviews on what men think about International Women’s Day. It has been a truly heartening response that we’ve received from men who have approached us to share their views.
Here is the next part of our series, where we talked to Jigar Mehta, a Mumbai based 35-year-old, L.L.B. For him, apart from being a pillar of strength and support, women are worth much more than they can imagine. Read on what he has to say and how India lend more support to women.
Jigar Mehta, Mumbai

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

“Celebrating Women’s Day is important as it recognizes and appreciates the contribution of a woman in everyone’s life. Even developed countries are still working towards recognizing women at par with men,” explains Jigar.

On asking him if men feel sidelined on Women’s Day and whether they need a Men’s Day too, he replied, “In our country, every day is a man’s day. Women, both homemakers and professionals multi-task every day to keep a man and habitat well going. In the demands of everyday life from her, I feel this one day is where she’s pampered and given all the attention, men being sidelined is just alright and okay. Mutual appreciation will foster mutual respect. Before being men or women we are human beings and each one of us likes to be appreciated every once in a while. So yes it would be nice for the world to recognize International Men’s Day as well!”

And when it comes to the women in his life, here’s what Jigar has to say, “My wife plays a multi-faceted role from being my emotional anchor to a friend and companion. She not only helps me understand my emotions but also helps me in expressing them. She motivates and inspires me through her thoughts, her aspirations and the dedication with which she executes her work, whether personal or professional. The unconditional love and support that I receive makes me feel stronger and keeps me anchored in life and last but not the least she brings in a beautiful and a new perspective to life and the challenges that it throws. She completes me,” smiles Jigar.

What India must do for women

According to Jigar, “Women should not consider themselves any less than men. Sometimes, I feel women are in competition with themselves rather than with the men. There is enough literature as well examples around us which clearly demonstrate how women are superior to men but unfortunately women themselves fail to realize and accept it.”

Specifically talking about India, Jigar strongly feels that firstly we need to have enough mediums by which women are made to know about the laws and rights which protect them and are made for their benefit. Compulsory education of women folk and creating good working opportunities in the villages of India will help instill self-confidence and give them a new perspective of life, for this to happen the men of such villages also need to be educated towards seeing women as a human being and not just another object/thing.

Women at work

“For any society, business and company to grow it is important that women are not only respected but are also given equal opportunity, remuneration and treatment which will lead to a positive ecosystem being created. The proverbial “glass ceiling’ exists even today. It is both unfortunate and harsh that gender bias in employment at all levels is apparent particularly at the management level. Certain people at work still do think that since women, in general, are more responsible towards home and family, that their attention will get diverted and would be comparatively less effective and efficient in contribution towards any project or the company goals,” explains Jigar.

He further adds, “Women are natural entrepreneurs! They can meet any dynamic real-life situation. For instance, they still can run the house in the given monetary budget. I feel we should make all the possible means available financially, academically and emotionally to help them become independent as well as achieve their goals.”

Finally, Jigar signs off with this message to all our women readers,

“You all are competent enough to sail through your path and reach the milestones in life. You just need to trust yourself, help and support fellow women and communicate your expectations to this world and I’m sure you will get a well-deserved and equally helpful response. Believe in your karma for fetching the fruits!”

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