Anupama Restaurant

The very mention of the word Ghee Roast, makes me salivate like Pavlov’s experimental dog. Believe you me; my mouth is watering even when I am writing the first two lines for the Anupama Restaurant Review.

Hell, I can’t wait; I’ll get to the point. Order for a quarter portion of Chicken Ghee Roast, if it’s just the two of you and don’t forget the beer or fresh lime soda to balance the spice in it. The soft, tender pieces of chicken are doused in red hot spices and fried in ghee until slightly burnt. If you’re one of those finicky eaters, then this one’s not for you. You might collapse at a bit of extra ghee peeking from the chicken. But who’s asking you to eat that; eat the chicken!

It is so delectable that I want to go back to Mangalore to just to dig into some more ghee roast. A quarter portion of ghee roast is just fine – which is around 4-5 pieces priced at Rs. 90/-. If you plan on having a meal there, then don’t let anything spoil your appetite as the food at Anupama is to die for.

Anupama enjoys a clientele from almost every strata of society and they just come there to have the sumptuous meals during lunch.  The staff at Anupama’s is not the five-starish category, but they are generally polite. They are too busy getting the food on time, so don’t bother if a steward or a waiter doesn’t smile at you and wishing you a very good afternoon. The food makes up for it, so don’t bother about such details, atleast at Anupama’s.

Even on weekday afternoons, we had to wait in a queue to get a table for two. The service is fast and the food is outstanding. The first time we went, we were not too aware of what to order. Thankfully, someone had mentioned that the Ghee Roast is very good at Anupama’s so we ordered a quarter of that and have been faithful to that ever since. We had a fish curry meal (or a thali) priced at Rs. 88/- approx. It is simply superb and now Manglorean spices and cooking has a new fan following – me.

The next time we visited Mangalore, I was more eager to visit Anupama than the meeting. Goodness, only I know how difficult it was to sit through a meeting in a boardroom and the next thing I know, as soon as the meeting was over, I went to celebrate my patience at Anupama’s.

This time we ordered Ghee Roast, but after that for the main course we ordered for a Prawn Curry and Boiled Rice combination. It’s fantastic. I know I keep repeating the word ‘fantastic’ over and over again, but I can’t help it. Why not visit there for yourself and then you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Anupama Restaurant
A Unit of Abhiman Residency
Near Bunts Hostel Circle
Mangalore – 575 003
Phone – 0824-2443449

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