Men’s take on Women’s Day: Vashit Shah

As the world gears up for International Women’s Day on 8th March, we spoke to eight different men from across the country. Here’s the first of the series.
Let’s celebrate International Women’s Day with a difference by knowing what men have to say about the women in their lives. We interviewed 29-year-old, Mumbai based Vashit Shah, a PGDM in International Business from Welingkar Institute of Management who is currently working with Sterling Talent Solutions. He’s into Business Relationship and Account Management. Here’s what Vashit has to share about Women’s Day with us, take a look…
Vashit Shah, Mumbai

Thoughts on Women and Women’s Day

We began by asking him, whether men need to have a Men’s Day too? For Vashit, celebrating men’s day is not important because he believes that in a society like we live in, every day is a men’s day. But it is the women who play a massively important role in our lives. He says, “I mean I can’t imagine a life without women. My lovable wife and my aunt with whom I stay, do a lot that ideally as per our society’s thinking men should do. To take an example, I don’t know how to drive a car, but my aunt knows. My wife knows how to deal in Mutual Funds but I don’t.”

Failure or Success – who is responsible?

We asked Vashit if men are responsible for the failure or success of women. He replied, “Yes, men are responsible for both their failure and success. If men and the family support a woman enough, she can do a lot just like men do. For instance, Avani Chaturvedi became the first women pilot to fly a fighter jet in our country. There are many more such examples where women have achieved a lot but this is the latest one.”

Plans for Women’s Day 2018

I have planned small gifts for the women in my family (Jhumkas, Bindis, Cosmetics etc. basically things that women like the most) and for women colleagues at work, I am planning to give each of them a flower bouquet along with a small greeting or some chocolates. In fact, I do something or the other every year from the time I have realized how important women are and Women’s Day is. If not anything else, at least a post on my various social media accounts is what I do.

What India must do for women

“Women should be treated equal at home and at work. I feel aspects of personal hygiene like sanitary pads are still more of a taboo in our country which shouldn’t be the case and the fact that women have a certain physical routine which should be taken more sensibly and with responsibility by men,” explains Vashit.

Women at work

The role of women in the corporate/startup sector is as important as that of men according to Vashit. He believes it keeps the environment balanced.

Vashit says, “I also feel that the proverbial glass ceiling does exist. In our country, men get their ego hurt if women are placed/raised at a higher level than the men.” He further adds, “I completely support women entrepreneurship and women at work as I feel it is something that everyone should feel proud of.”

Finally, Vashit signs off by saying, “All I would like to say is a big thank you for all that you do and I don’t see a life without women.”

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