A day in the life of a lost book – By Wonder!

A day in the life of a lost book - 'Wonder'
A day in the life of a lost book – ‘Wonder’

Text by Niharika Bisht

Photographs by Devyani Chauhan Bisht

Dear Diary,

I once used to be my owner’s favourite book until she lost me in the attic. I’m Wonder by R.J. Palacio. My owner, Niharika, is extremely careless and dumped me in the attic because she was bored with my amazing story.

Then one day, Niharika’s class was reading Wonder in school so she started looking for me. Oh, it was hilarious, seeing her look for me everywhere frantically when I was right there in the attic! Well… under a cupboard.

On a usual day, I like to relax and just lie down on the floor because that’s all I can do, you know. It’s pretty useless being a lost book. Especially when you’re in the attic, under a cupboard getting dusty and dirty.

Niharika kept looking for me for about a week. Just seeing her like, “MUM!! Where the heck is my Wonder book?! I need it!”, was super funny. I really wish I could walk or even talk. Being a book you can’t do anything besides just being opened and get your pages licked around, and when they’re finished with you, they chuck you in a corner! No use: these humans are NO USE!!

Niharika is very clumsy and she keeps talking about her dear darling teacher, Miss Clark, to her mum and dad or to anybody who would listen. Might I add that it is so annoying! I mean, one minute she’s all, “Where is my Wonder book?”, and the next she goes, “Miss Clark’s the best teacher ever!”. Sometimes I really hate her. Don’t tell her I said that though.

Niharika in a world full of 'Wonder'.
Niharika in a world full of ‘Wonder’.

It was two weeks later when the real miracle happened. She was looking for me as usual in the stack of books where I once used to live in. Oh, those were the times. Then she went downstairs to her mum. “Mum, remember when you put all my old books in the attic? Well, was my Wonder book one of them?”, Niharika questioned excitedly, jumping about the kitchen. “Oh really? Hmm… I don’t know. It was a long time ago”, Niharika’s mum replied earnestly. Obviously, she had been exaggerating. It had only been two months.

Full of curiosity, Niharika finally checked the attic. If only I had arms or legs or at least a mouth, then I could signal her. Luckily, she spotted me almost immediately. My bright blue cover was very noticeable to be spotted in three seconds after two months.

“Oh! There you are, Wonder!!”, she exclaimed with delight. Then Niharika took me to her school. It was a scrumptious and simply WONDER-ful adventure. (Not the times she dumped me in her school bag). And there was the story of Wonder, a lovely book belonging to Niharika, who solemnly vows to never lose me again.

P.S. She recently lost me again! 😉 

Peek-a-boo! Can you spot me?
Peek-a-boo! Can you spot me?

About our contributor:

Nihrarika Bisht
Nihrarika Bisht

Niharika is our youngest contributor. She’s 10-years-old and is studying in Class 6 in a British school in Doha. She loves reading the most and also enjoys sketching, making art and watching movies in her free time.

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  • Sanyukta Singh

    Beautifully written…

  • Ina Gulati

    Reminded me of my mealtime conversation stories with my mum….lovely!

  • Niharika Bisht

    Thank you !!


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