DIY: Multi-Purpose Monster Box

My two-year-old loves watching nursery rhymes from Super Simple Learning and Mother Goose Club – these are a child’s best companions on weekends or vacations. 

These two youtube vidoes are brilliant when it comes to edutainment and a fun way to keep your child busy if you’re attending the door, a phone call or a quick trip to the kitchen.

Apart from the numerous nursery rhymes, numbers and other interesting things that she’s learnt, she’s recently been singing a lot of Halloween themed songs.

I’m aware that we don’t celebrate Halloween in India as much as they do abroad, but then why not! So in tune with her trick or treat songs I made this Monster Box for her – it’s a multi-utility box made from a washing powder soapbox.

With a little help from Mr. Maker shows on the telly, here’s my version of a Monster for Halloween!

It’s simple, you should try one today!

What you need:

1. Old cardboard box – I used a Surf Excel Washing Powder box

2. Fevicol

3. Black marker

4. Yellow, red and white chart paper

5. Scissors

6. Toy eyes – the local stationery shop should have them


1. Paste yellow chart paper on all the four sides of the soap box with Fevicol.

2. Cut out the white portion of the eyes from white chart paper and stick on one side of the box that you want to use as the face. I used an ad pamphlet to cut out the oval shapes from the white paper from behind.

3. Make an outline with black marker and stick the craft eyes on them.

4. Cut small triangles with the red chart paper and make the teeth.

5. Make a funny hairstyle and freckles using the black marker.

6. Voila! Your Monster Box is ready to use.

Use the Monster Box to keep your child’s crayons and pencils, hair accessories or small toys. You can make other themes with these boxes and use them as a gift box by placing a gift inside – instead of the mundane wrapping paper.

The best part is, you can sit with your child and make one – it’s a great way to spend some quality time with your kid(s)!

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