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Senior Assistant Professor, Mrs. Deep Umamahesh shares five easy party games that can breathe life into mundane social events. In her spare time, she enjoys  freelancing , photography , reading , star-gazing and listening to soft music. Try one of these party games today and let us know what you think!

Each time  I am given an opportunity to arrange a game for a group, my heart immediately switches over to the famous song by Inner Circle group which says “Na nananana (almost 12 times), talking about you and me ye and the GAMES PEOPLE PLAY”. This melody truly sets my mind to work on a new game and believe you me, this sort of exercise is a great stress busting exercise as it is nothing but a positive stress to create something new and unique.

The mind constantly seeks new ways to beat stress or a change from life’s mundane activities. One such amusement that really fills the cup is the idea of playing games. Games in their various forms, not only activate the brain through creativity, but are great Stress Busters. We talk of categories like physical games, virtual games or non-participatory games and choose the one that facilitates our comfort. However, I strongly promote games in which one personally participates instead of just watching them for the reason that personal involvement leads to self development and a true personality is reflected through one’s share of participation.

I would like to suggest some games which may help in promoting good interaction among people and I would like to term them as FUNDUCATION (educating mind through fun).

Following is the list of FIVE PARTY GAMES which I would like to highlight:

1. As Bollywood is a very popular topic among majority of people, Bollywood quizzes can be created with a tinge of fun.

2. Cuisines are a favourite topic of women-folks. Therefore, a written jumbled names of popular food items can be circulated to identify the correct name of each food item.

3. Antakshari is very popular in India but it can be re-designed with one’s creativity. For ex: dumb charades can be played enacting the first line of a song and others have to identify the song. After identifying the song, another person should think of a song with the last word of the previous song and continue. Suppose if the song is Main tere saamne, Tu mere saamne(darr), then the next song will be from last word saamne like saamne ye kaun aaya or some other song with saamne.

4. Another game can be instant quiz about the things nearby. For ex: the colour of somebody’s tie, the types of flowers on somebody’s sari and so on.

5. Another game that I like the most among my creations is Situation-based fun game in which any funny situation is given to a person to answer and the group members decide the winner based on the wittiest answer.

Some tips to organize Bollywood quizzes :

Big B Quiz

q.1   what would you like to contribute in your business  Ans. Khoon Pasina
q.2   your three basic necessities in life  Ans. Roti, Kapda aur Makaan
q.3   your favourite destination  Ans. Bombay to Goa

(All these questions are made in such a way that their answers result in giving movies in which Big B worked)

Text by Mrs. Deep Umamahesh

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  • Deep Umamahesh

    by the way did any one try finding the number of times the tune NA NA NA NA NA is used in the song that I mentioned here? That is also a game where people should cross check whether the answer is correct! I have named it as SHARP-SHOOT


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