A Tryst with the Misty Hills of Pythal Mala

Senior Assistant Professor, Mrs. Deep Umamahesh shares a wonderful experience of a misty and peaceful weekend break that reminds us that we all should take out some time to enjoy the nature’s bounty.

We could not believe our eyes as the thick mist drew into our resort room, suddenly creating the chills of wonder. We rushed out of the room and it was all over there – the breathtaking view of the mist engulfing the surroundings as if a blanket had been thrown over the foliage of Pythal Mala.

Situated 4500 ft. above sea level, Pythal Mala or Vaithal Mala is one of the popular hill stations of Kannur region in Kerala. Located on the Kerala – Karnataka border at a distance of 65 km from Kannur, Pythal Mala is an exotic location boasting of rich flora and fauna. The hill station is a hit amongst tourists and nature lovers, who visit this place due to its unique natural beauty.

En route Pythalmala, we stopped over to see the beautiful and exotic Kanjirakolli Falls. These Falls are just one and a half hour drive from Payyanur. We plan to reserve Kanjirakolli Falls for a next weekend trip.

As we drove through the hairpin bends, we were mesmerized by the plush green natural surroundings and the smell of thick vegetation along the way. Mother Nature accompanied us until we reached the Pythalmala Resort. We were greeted with masala and herbal tea while we relished the beautiful view of the misty valley from our resort room. While we enjoyed our tryst with Pythal Hills, a delicious cuisine gave us company.

For lunch, we had beans-coconut sabzi, sambhar, papad, salad, rice and chapattis, and chicken curry. We told the staff in advance what kind of rice we wanted (option-Kerala rice or regular rice). They also served excellent masala and lemon teas as well. Don’t forget to try your hand at photography, at such scenic locations, as your camera refuses to cease its curiosity to take in more and more of the natural beauty.

Pythal Mala also offers an exciting 6 km trek to the top, and is now being developed as a fully fledged hill resort. A proposal to set up a zoo is also underway. For the visitors, a watch tower at the top of cliff providing breathtaking views of the regions exists, an ideal boost for the trekkers.

How to reach

  • By Rail: The nearest airport is at Calicut (Kozhikode)
  • By Rail: Nearest Railway Station is at Kannur, 65 km away
  • By Road: Pythal Mala around 65kms from Kannur and a 3 hour drive from Payyanur which is around 35km – 40km from Kannur.

Where to stay
Mist Valley Resort
Vaithal Mala
Email: paithalhill@gmail.com
Mobile Nos. 09400119663/ 9447294978
Landline: 0460-2809601/ 0160-2202779

Text and Photographs by: Mrs. Deep Umamahesh

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