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Siddhi Padgaonkar – giving your kitchen a facelift

Ektra Superware Fine Dining - Red Jaba
Ektra Superware Fine Dining – Red Jaba. Pic courtesy: Srithaindia.

It all began when 46-year-old Mumbai based Siddhi Padgaonkar took a sabbatical with the birth of her daughter. A working professional since 1996, she took her sabbatical rather constructively where she turned a passion into a profession.

She recalls, “I was like any home maker trying to manage a house. My sweet little daughter’s birth and a break during her growing up days actually inspired me to deal with kitchenware. I used to buy different types and colours of kitchenware from my neighbour. In fact, it were these colours and designs in kitchenware that motivated me and exciting me to be in the kitchen and relish the food in my favourite cutlery.”

It then struck her with the possibility of creating a similar positive impact of colours across every household by becoming a dealer in the elegant kitchenware of Ektra Superware.

Siddhi was one of our participants at our first Entrepreneur Meetup held on 11th August in Mumbai. Her 3-minute talk about her Dealership journey for Ektra Superware was truly impressive. Here we are in conversation with this lady who has worked her way up to create a mark of her own.

Siddhi Padgankar – Dealer with Ektra Superwear Fine Dining

How did it all begin?

Siddhi was a regular customer of Ektra kitchen wear for almost two years until one day after a preliminary research she approached Ektra directly.

“I must mention that the seriousness and warmth in which the Ektra team addressed my enquiry by appointing Mrs. Aparna, one of the largest Distributors of Ektra in India, helped me to navigate my path. Thereafter Mrs. Aparna took care of my appointments as a Dealer, training needs and handholding during my early struggle in business,” shares Siddhi.

Siddhi Padgaonkar
Siddhi Padgaonkar at The Lifestyle Portal’s 1st Entrepreneur Meetup

Challenges faced

Siddhi breezed through a multiple of challenges both on the domestic and the work front. While at the home front, she focused on the growing up years of her daughter and her studies, looking after her ailing father-in-law, mother-in-law and running a household while her husband who often travels on work.

On the business front, the challenges started with finance for initial as well as recurring investments, storage and maintenance of stocks; which mode or method to apply for sales and distribution, which she overcame.

“When I committed myself to venture into this line of business, I must share that the extraordinary support from my mother-in-law for managing the kitchen chores, extended support from my husband and well-managed studies pattern designed by my daughter helped overcome my challenges quickly,” smiles Siddhi.

Ektra Fine Dining - Nakashi Tea Set
Ektra Fine Dining – Nakashi Tea Set. Photo courtesy: srithaindia

What makes Ektra Superware Fine Dining unique?

According to Siddhi, Ektra is a fine dining concept by Srithai Superware Pvt. Ltd. with attractive designs. They’re available in unique styles with a classic finish that can stylize your kitchen, cafés or office cafeteria in an instant.

Bestsellers from Ektra Superware Fine Dining

Some of the best sellers that Siddhi recommends are Dinner Sets and Roti Keepers. In fact, she adds that Storage Containers are fast moving and highest selling products.

Response so far

Siddhi shares, “The response has been very good and I can proudly add that once a customer remains a customer with repeat requirements since new designs launch, product durability and utility is widely appreciated among all.”

Ektra Fine Dining - Pot & Bowl
Ektra Fine Dining – Pot & Bowl. Photo courtesy: srithaindia

Future plans

“I aspire to multiply my reach to many through direct access by references and contacts as well as by participating in various exhibitions. I have a vision to “impact the lives of millions of Mumbaikars by decorating their household with Ektra kitchenware”, smiles Siddhi.

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