Dangerous Mistakes many Indian Parents Make

As parents, we tend to take the role of parenting very seriously. Sometimes our hidden fears, phobias or even some missed dreams or opportunities creep into our parenting styles that can land up stifling a child.

Dangerous Mistakes many Indian Parents Make
Dangerous Mistakes many Indian Parents Make

Knowingly or unknowingly we land up committing some parenting mistakes that can be corrected if we know where exactly we’re going wrong. Here are five things that we can keep in mind when bringing up our children, take a look –

One of the primary mistakes we land up doing is Over advising & constant comparing –

Over advising & constant comparing

Manasi Bhat Shirali, a Mumbai-based professional believes being a parent one should always encourage their child rather than advising them every time. She strongly believes that, “This will build their level of confidence and not lower their self-esteem. Parents can always give advise but only, if and when required.”

Another mistake that most parents land up doing is constantly comparing their kids to other kids including siblings and cousins. Unfortunately comparing breeds contempt, and it brings in a strong sense of hatred, anger and resentment in your own child and it helps no one.  The next time you’re tempted to ‘teach your child a lesson’ by comparing them with someone, think again – maybe you start acknowledging them for their own efforts no matter how small it is and be patient with them.

It’s a rat race out there and we really don’t have be a part of it. It’s time to slow down, breathe and just go with the flow. Children grow up in no time and leave the nest and create a vacuum in our lives; it’s best to put the future at rest and enjoy the present moment with our little ones with a more positive foundation.

The other common parenting mistakes are –

1. Unfulfilled dreams
2. Over Protecting the Child
3. Labelling a Child
4. Not letting them think for themselves

To know how each of these can adversely affect your child, click here.

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