Insensitive Things People Say to Women Who Wait ‘Too Long’ to Have a Baby After Marriage

Having a child is a couple’s personal choice

Having a child is a completely personal choice, is it not? In fact, not having a child is also a personal choice, just like adoption, having a single child or having more than one child.

As far as having and raising kids is concerned, there is no right or wrong or any rulebook, nor should there be one. However, some people just don’t seem to get this…

When to have a baby is a decision that is very important for a couple. There could be many factors affecting this decision.

Chances are the couple wants to settle down first and have enough financial backing before bringing a baby to this world. They may feel the need to work on their marriage, and make it strong enough to be able to withstand the pressures and challenges of raising a child in a competitive and an expensive world.

Sometimes, people don’t realise that the problem could be medical. The woman could be facing innumerable health issues with regard to conceiving in the very first place. All this could delay the time when she has a baby, and make this period ‘too long’ in the eyes of some members of the society.

Indeed, for some people, ‘too long’ often starts when more than one year of marriage passes without a baby coming into the world.

Here are some of the extremely insensitive things people say to mothers who wait ‘too long’ to have a baby:
1. You’re way too modern to have a child
2. You don’t want to let go of your freedom
3. You’re just worried you will not be able to maintain your figure
4. Is there any problem in the marriage?
5. You’re too career oriented to become a mom

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