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Jasmine Arora– The lady with the magic wand

At some point in our lives, we feel the need to be, look and feel our best. It doesn’t matter from which profession we belong, but looking and feeling good about yourself never goes out of fashion- Imagicians is more than just styling, It’s about presenting ourself in a confident manner and be well groomed.

Post our Cinderella Makeover, we were very intrigued as to what Jasmine Arora, the lady behind Imagicians is all about.

In a tête–à–tête, here’s what The Lifestyle Portal gathered and here’s her story –


How did it all begin?

“My mother tells me I was very conscious of my image even as a child. I was very particular that my school uniform was crisply pressed, hair neatly combed and shoe polished like a mirror. I not only wanted to look perfect, but also be perfect in all that I did. Moreover, my mother is a designer and has been running her own bespoke business from last 20 years. So I’ve grown up with the sounds of the sewing machines, fabrics, patterns and threads around me. So, I guess the creative seed that was sown then is germinating now,” smiles Jasmine.

However, the journey was not that simple for her when she started her career working for top broadcasters of the country Sony Ent. TV and then Zee TV. Being in the entertainment industry, she had some celebrities as friends, and she started Styling & Grooming them as a hobby. Soon, she began to realise that transforming lives excited her more than branding shows.

Jasmine contemplated on this for several months, but was afraid to quit her cushy job until the final push came disguised in the form of a ‘Leave Cancellation mail’.

“To not be able to join my loved ones when they needed me provoked a deep sense of futility in me. I wanted a life where I would be the master of my own time and do what I love the most. And so, one day I just closed my eyes and jumped into the deep water determined that I would swim rather than drown. Initially, I just floated, before I could learn to swim. And when I look back today, I am glad I took that decision,” recalls Jasmine.

Jasmine at work
Jasmine at work


Imagicians (pronounced as Image-E-cians) is made up of two words; Image and Magicians with a tagline that says ‘Transforming Images Magically’. It is inspired by the Cinderella story. If Cinderella could get her Prince Charming with just one night of makeover, imagine how we could enchant the world with a complete personality transformation. Imagicians is a wand that aims to transform people magically by offering end-to-end solutions in the areas of grooming, styling and personal branding.

Though Image Branding is still at a nascent stage in India and is largely confined to celebrities, the concept is slowly being embraced by corporate executives, the elite and even housewives.

She further adds, “Just the other day, I had the wife of a businessman who wanted me to help her with her Etiquette and Mannerisms so that she fits into her husband’s “posh crowd”. Many men and women from humble and simple backgrounds, who have done well in life due to their hard work, approach me as they want to polish their personalities. They now want to be able to fit into the new corporate and social culture that they have landed in. It’s amazing to see that people across age groups have started investing in themselves and the Image they project.”

Challenges faced

“People are yet to understand the concept of an Image Consultant. Some ask me if I am a personal trainer or PR person and some just simply ask me what is it that I do. Though my corporate marketing experience has helped me bust some such myths, we still have a long way to go to make people understand the concept,” explains Jasmine.

Her work involves constant networking, attending workshops, word-of-mouth publicity and digital marketing. She strongly believes that one needs to have a strong credibility in the market if people have to trust their lives and imagery in your hands.

“On the flip side, many clients especially celebrities demand confidentiality, and I cannot use their names or pictures in my marketing campaigns, website or social media, which is a very big challenge in my profession,” shares Jasmine.

Jasmine at a dining and etiquette workshop



Jasmine has successfully given makeovers and groomed several TV celebrities, senior corporate professionals, homemakers and even teenagers. I have also styled actors like Niel Nitin Mukesh, Amyra Dastur, Rashmi Desai, Pooja Gandhi (top Kannada actress) Indian Idol contestants and models for TV and print commercials. I have handled television shows like Indian Idol, Dus Ka Dum, Waar Pariwaar and Zee Kutumba Awards, among others. The requirements vary from Styling, Makeover to Personal Shopping services to Corporate & Social Etiquette.

What makes Imagicians so unique?

“Given my Marketing & Branding background in Media, my Shoot styling experience, and my in-depth understanding of designing process from my mother, I feel I have a 360 understanding of the process. Apart from all this, my formal and technical education in dressing people as per their personality, Imagery & Body Shape along with extensive Etiquette & Protocol Training, I feel I have the right mix needed to be in this profession,” explains Jasmine.

Over the years, Jasmine has created a pool of talented designers/tailors, hair/ make-up artists, Psychologists, healers and many more from across the city, who can cater to varied requirements of my clients.

Image Consulting services are not merely limited to “dolling” up a person but in bringing about an inside-out transformation to a Person’s personality by also working on their Etiquette, Grace and Poise as well.

At a styling session with Ankur Nayyar
At a styling session with Ankur Nayyar

Packages offered

Imagicians Magic Potion includes – Personal Consultations, Group Workshops & Corporate Programs

Personalised services for Men & Women is Broadly divided into 3 Packages:

  1. Complete Style Metamorphosis; which includes Style Guidance as per Body type, personality and Lifestyle. Followed by Wardrobe Analysis and then Personal Shopping
  2. The Art of Social Elegance Program prepares you with the art of social graces, greetings and introductions, fine dining etiquette, party hosting do’s and don’ts & much more.
  3. The Corporate Finesse Program is for working men and women that equips an individual with the right business etiquette of business card exchange, office protocols, managing people, conducting meetings & much more.

These packages are made for the client’s convenience of understanding. However, if a client has only a few specific things to learn then it’s customised accordingly.

Why do we need an Image Consultant?

Jasmine firmly believes that as clichéd as it may sound but the bitter truth is that we make judgments about people basis what they observe in the first few seconds; which is the way they look, the way they talk, and the what they convey through their Body language. Once this judgment is made about us, it’s much difficult or rather harder to change our first impression. Hence, if one is serious about one’s imagery, then it’s imperative to get it right the first time itself. In which an Image Consultant plays a very critical role.

“A good Image Makeover can give a serious dose of badly needed confidence. Whether you’re preparing for a job interview, trying to impress the love of your life or simply lacking in the confidence department, sprucing up the personality can do wonders for one’s self-esteem,” adds Jasmine.


The journey so far…

“The journey has been so magical for me I’ve not regretted my decision for even one day. They say that when you follow your bliss, the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls. This holds so true for me,” smiles Jasmine.

Going forward, she’s keen to bring about a radical change in the mindsets of Indians to take their Imagery and Perception in the eyes of people seriously as no matter how vain it is; it’s based on scientific facts about the human brain.

Jasmine signs off by saying, “In fact, our respected PM is working so hard towards changing the Brand Imagery and perception of our country. It starts with us. While it’s true that we should not judge a book by its cover; however if the cover is not appealing, we won’t even pick up the book. Also, in future, my vision for Imagicians is to blossom it into a plush Academy where people come for Magical Transformations.”

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