Top 5 Books for Toddlers (0-2 Year Olds) – Part 1

Children's Books Top TitlesAs a mother, it my constant endeavour to give the best to my child. Right from working from home, I ensure I spend quality time with my daughter be it drawing or painting, playing in the park, going for childrens’ movies and last but not the least – our favourite activity – reading books.

Being a member of the Little Readers’ Nook, I’ve been getting some brilliant books to read to my child ever since she was two years old.

Titles such as ‘Little Rabbit Foo Foo’, ‘What to do if an Elephant stands on your foot’, ‘Aunt Amelia’, ‘A House in the Woods’ are some of our favourite titles that we like to read almost every night before going to bed. This has opened up our worlds to imagination, vocabulary, stories, fun and laughter.

I always like to gift books to my nephews and nieces as I personally believe there’s nothing as timeless as books. So I asked the Founder of the Little Readers’ Nook – Devaki Bhujang Gajare to suggest names of the top titles age wise for kids to help our readers/ parents to pick up books for their kids this festive season.

We are running a three part series, starting with part 1 – for 0 to 2 year olds; here’s the first, take a look…

Top Picks for Toddlers (0-2 Year Olds)

1. Say Hello to the Animals – Ian Whybrow, Tim Warnes

Look who’s hiding under those sticks. Say hello to the fluffy chicks. Follow the friendly puppy as he scampers around the farmyard saying hello to all the animals. Toddlers will love to stroke the soft, velvety animals and to join in making their noises.

What we love: Your child will find the soft pastel hued animals irresistible!

2. Dear Zoo – Rod Campbell
What kind of pet would you like from the zoo? An elephant, a lion, a snake or something a bit smaller, and cuddlier and playful? Lift the flaps and see what has been sent – it’s bound to be a surprise! And just when you think they’ll never get it right, they send the very best, most perfect pet of all…

What we love: A fun primer on wild animals; the flaps add just the right touch of mystery.

3. Gossie – Oliver Dunrea
Meet Gossie, a small yellow gosling who loves to wear bright red boots—every day. One morning Gossie can’t find her beloved boots. She looks everywhere for them: under the bed, over the wall, even in the barn.

What we love: The cutest gosling ever, a joyful romp in shiny red boots and the delight of finding lost boots AND a new friend!

4. The Happy Man and his Dump Truck – Miryam
A happy man thrills a group of farm animals when he takes them for a joy ride in his dump truck. This Little Golden Book is a true classic illustrated by the inimitable Tibor Gergely.

What we love: Animal sounds, happy smiling faces, a country road and a dumper that tips – what’s not to love?

5. Let’s Go – Anthara Mohan, Rajiv Eipe (Tulika Books)
10, 9, 8, 7 – count the children as they come leaping, riding and zooming in on cycles, scooters and rickshaws…

What we love: Your little one will instantly relate to the colourful busy Indian street scenes.

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