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Student Testimonial by Sanaya Parkar

Sanaya Parker on completing the Effective Writing Skills Course.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside,” by Maya Angelou, and her words ring true. Better yet, each creative idea that is put down on paper requires a proper process to create an impactful strike. Tanya taught me that.

When I first started to write, I thought writing was simply putting the stories I daydreamed about and trying to note every excruciating detail from the surroundings to the characters. Some were needed, while others were useless. While it did make the scene clearer, it became longer and tiresome to read. As I continued to write, my motivation to continue began to diminish. It was then that I decided to take up the Certified Effective Writing Online Course run by Tanya Munshi.

Tanya has been amazing and patient with me, which was wonderful as I struggled to create stories that could portray what I wanted. She has also been helping me step out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to explore more so that my stories could be more unexpected surprises. Tanya’s belief in ‘There is no wrong way of writing’ gave me the confidence and motivation to write and ideate more. She managed to break down the barriers that constricted my imagination and helped me overcome my dwindling motivation.

She is the reason why I have been pursuing my passion of getting more creative through art and writing, just to express myself more and do what I like. She really knows when her students need the right kind of push.

Sanaya Parkar’s Certificate of Completion in Effective Writing Skills Course.

As for the teaching methods, Tanya keeps sharing student handouts, which makes it easier to go back to and explain each point. She is also available for any questions that need to be asked. Her assignments are well crafted and provide a perfect challenge.

Each assignment is different, and I have never felt like I was repeating them. Tanya encouraged me to look outside the box and try again if I was unhappy with certain assignments.

Tanya is an amazing and patient teacher who always sees the positive side and doesn’t point out mistakes but instead suggests ways to improve. She points out areas she doesn’t understand from the assignments and crafts a better way to express them. I absolutely love this method as I become very conscious of my mistakes and tend to tear up my work. But not once has Tanya made me feel like that. Thanks to her, I feel prouder of the work I create and will continue writing. I am very proud to be one of her students in this Certified Effective Writing Online Course.

Sanaya Parkar

Contributor: Sanaya Parkar

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