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Poetry: A woman with very long hair…

Photo courtesy: shortstoryclaudiavalencia
Photo courtesy: shortstoryclaudiavalencia

Here’s our first attempt at writing poetry where during our Story Telling Workshops we were made to write a poem on Rapunzel – in our own version. Here you go, here is Rapunzel’s story revisited, in my words…


A woman with very long hair

Looked out of the window with a heart full of prayer

Of sunshine and rainbows, adventures and more

Thinking of a life outside made her heart soar.

She sang tunes of knights in shining armour

Of living her life to the hilt every hour

Of tasting the sweet water from the rivers,

To letting her hair loose just like the arrow that leaves its quiver.

No high fortresses and thick walls

Could contain the vibrant spirit that calls

That filled her heart with joy and optimism

Made her plan her life with full precision.

This is the life that I believe

Will take me out and never grieve

I’m ready to take up the world’s challenges

Because at the end it always balances

This is my story and this is my life

I’m not giving up until I strive

The world belongs to me as much as it does for you

I know I will fly high into the blue


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