Valentine’s Day Contest – Entry No. 1 – ‘Then, Now & Forever’

Here’s our first entry to the Valentine’s Day Contest sent in by Vanessa Mattu Poonawala from Pune. She sends us a fanstatic write-up on how she met her husband Zubair complimented with a fun photograph.

We enjoyed their journey through time and so will you. Read on to fall in love all over again.

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Read Vanessa’s Love Story here:

We met while working at Holiday Inn, Pune on a separate assignment, clicked off as good friends first and knew each other for approximately 6 months before we got married.

During our friendship we used to meet at work and sometimes we partied together at Black Cadillac and Ten Downing Street with my big gang from Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS).

It was at one of the evenings we picked up a street dog which had been run over by a car and took care of him. We named him Tintin who eventually stayed with us for 18 years and enriched our lives with his unconditional love.

After my MBA got over I left back for my summer house in Dehradun to spend time with my parents, but I missed Tintin and called Zubair (now my husband) to send him back by train.

I wake up one morning to find Zubair with Tintin outside my door, he had ridden around 1,500 kms from Pune to Dehradun on a Kinetic Honda along with Tintin.

I was zapped but pleasantly surprised! It took him 4 days to reach my place in Dehradun. At the spur of the moment Zubair asked me whether I would like to go back with him and spend our lives together and it just happened that I said yes and we eloped in the night and rode back with Tintin .

We came back to Pune and got married on 29th June 1998. We then informed my parents who were initially worked up but then everything became fine.

We are together for 18 years now and have a lovely son named Mikhail. Even today we are each other’s best friend and don’t treat each other anything else .. That’s the secret of our love and happiness.

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