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Valentine’s Day Contest – Entry No. 6 – ‘When East Met West…’

Here’s another wild and whacky love story. It’s short, it’s cute and full of laughter and fun sent to us by Smita Chatterjee

She narrates of a time when mobile phones were not a part of our current love affairs. A sweet and warm love story has a fun side to it, read on to fall in love all over again!

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Read Smita’s Love Story here:

It was December 1989 at a common friend’s birthday party; we met, said hello; he went his way and I went mine. 😉

Late December 1989 – one rock concert, two get together with friends and his own birthday lunch at Eddies Kitchen that led to New Years Eve and we rang in 1990 and his first rank of Sub Lt. and life in the Navy took a new turn for both of us.

Next 4 years we wrote to each other, we spoke at 11 pm 4 nights a week at quarter rate on STD for amazing amounts of money.

We met though sporadically (Navy permitting) and finally on 29th November 1993 we got married. What a mad combo of Maharashtrian Bride and Bengali Groom. Now 20 years and counting, the madness continues with TWO teenage boys, a cat and a dog!

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