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Valentine’s Day Contest – Entry No. 8 – ‘I Carry Your Heart, I Carry it in my Heart’

You know the feeling’s just right, it is a time when everything seems to fall in place. A story gets woven in time that can be told over and over again to your kids and grand kids of how you met.

Well, this is how it feels to be in love even after so many years in this short and sweet love story sent in by Rachana Mohanan from New Delhi.

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1994- “Bang”, as I surfaced from the pool spluttering out water, I laid my eyes on a gawky teenager who battered into me while swimming. A quick apology and we were friends.

1997- “Will you marry me”, a lovely dinner, followed by that eternal question and a humble ring left me speechless, as I laid my eyes on a young, smart cadet in the Indian Navy. A quick yes and we were engaged.

2000- “The Wedding”, twice over. We had a traditional “Mallu” wedding in the morning followed by a “Pahadi” wedding in the evening, as I laid my eyes upon a proud, upright officer and a gentleman. We were now husband and wife.

2003- “Bundle of Joy”, Mahika came into our lives filling it with light, laughter and even more love, as I laid my eyes upon a doting father and a caring husband. Mahika gave us our new status – ‘Parents’!

2014- “Happily ever after”, two decades later, the gawky teenager, smart cadet, upright officer, caring husband and doting father have all merged into one. Every phase of our lives brought along with it a new meaning to our relationship. But one bond remained the same, for both of us, right from the start –

“We have always been each other’s Valentine, celebrating our love through the years to come”.


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