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Valentine’s Day Story Pic: Cinematic Affair

We celebrate Valentine’s Day with real-life love stories, sent in by our readers. Here’s another wonderful story by Anagha Yogesh Salunke. Read on…

Things were destined, bound, preordained. Maybe it was fate and there came a time when I switched my company and joined a new IT organization. Few months after I joined, we had a new employee named Yogesh Salunkhe. He was my junior and was given his seat next to me. We soon became good friends. And then was the time for the entry of Yogesh Salunke(then stranger now my husband) – Yes, same names and almost similar surnames 🙂

How we met – Yogesh & Anagha

What makes my love story unique is that how similar names created a major confusion and surprisingly ended up to something so beautiful that I cherish for a lifetime.

Here are the 3 characters in my story:

Me: Ms. Anagha Gaikwad (Ana)

My colleague: Mr. Yogesh SalunKHE

The stranger: Mr. Yogesh SalunKE

Here is the story about what made my email land into a stranger’s inbox?

Around 3 years back, I was registered on a matrimony site. Being a premium member I could see the contact number and email ids of my 2-way matches. I would save their ids in my Gmail account.

I had then sent an interest to this stranger. But when he did not revert to my interest I deleted his profile from my interests list. Though I deleted his profile from my matrimony account, I forgot to delete his saved email id from my Gmail. As we never had a conversation, there was no chance for me to remember his name.

So while dropping the email, when I typed in my colleague’s first name in the recipient’s box, I choose the stranger’s email id by auto select. And there began our story, after a gap of around 2.5 years 🙂

Special thanks to the internet world that played a major role in finding my ideal match and not to forget my colleague cum friend- Well, he was the special guest at my marriage ceremony! 😉

Love will always find its way

About the contributor:

Mrs. Anagha Yogesh Salunke

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