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Valentine’s Day Story Pick: Pink stands for friendship. Red stands for love. We chose both.

We asked our readers to share their love stories with us and here are some. The Lifestyle Portal is happy to share real-life love stories that warm up the soul. 

Pink stands for friendship. Red stands for love. We chose both.

Sonali & Ajit

A lot can happen in an MBA class.! Says who? Well, Cupid! And one of such things can be when two people falling in love, the boy proposing to the girl during the last lecture of their MBA, just before the final exams and they lived happily ever after.  

These two were total opposites. While Ajit describes Sonali as an extrovert, interested in everything cultural and the one who believes in “keeping life as easy as possible”, Sonali describes Ajit as an intellectual, liberal and both diplomatic and decisive at the same time. Both of them ‘felt’ a special something for each other, yet both thought they were totally different and hence would not make a good couple. However, seizing an opportunity, Ajit offered to take Sonali to class and back every day. That’s perhaps, how their love grew – on the two-wheeler. Sonali will never forget how Ajit at his diplomatic best, once presented her with a valentine day’s card with the picture of a pink-red rose and asked her to choose the color of the rose (pink or red) herself, but he was decisive enough to pop the question just at the right moment.

It was the year of 1991 when their stint in SIBM was coming to an end. It was the last lecture and both were battling the sinking feeling of going away from each other when their common friend Umesh broke the ice for Ajit and persuaded him to propose to Sonali. And on the last bench of the class, Ajit proposed to her to which she replied with an ‘I do!’.

When they said ‘I do’!

Their parents were happy with the match. On 1st January 1993, they both tied the knot.

Sonali and Ajit describe their love story as old wine, that grows better with age. They attribute their friendship as the elixir of their relationship. While they have common interests like reading, traveling, it also their almost-similar profession that has kept them together along with their similar family backgrounds – sincerity, core values and simplicity that cements the bond between them.

Sonali appreciates Ajit for his support and for giving her space to make her own decisions; Ajit cherishes Sonali as an easy going, jolly and nice to everyone lady without having an air about herself. Their love has stood the test of time and they have supported each other at every twist and turn that life has thrown their way. Today, both, Sonali and Ajit are successful professionals in their own fields. Their mantra for a blissful marriage is ‘stay friends forever’. At SIBM, they were friends first and became a couple later. Today, 25 years into a married life, they have still stayed good friends and plan to remain so till, as they put it, ‘death do us part’.

Friendship & love that binds them together.

About the contributor:
Sonali Karande Brahma is a Brand Strategist and Creative Advisor with 2 2 years of experience in creating powerful stories for brands, both in the traditional and digital domain. She is the perfect balance of the right and left brain and ensures that the brands she works with, get the best of both the worlds. She works with MNCs, homegrown companies and startups in B2B and B2C. She is a powerful business writer, speaker and trainer/coach and believes in positivity and women power. You will find her at the happy intersection in life where purpose, passion, and profession meet.

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