Tips to Bathe your Dog

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Giving your dog a bath can be fun for you but not necessarily for your dog. All you need to know are some easy tips to ensure that even your dog enjoys a refreshing bath.

Before A Bath
o It is important to keep in mind your dog’s
• Age
• Breed
• Type of skin
• Length of fur
• Type of fur – thick or thin
o Check with the vet the frequency of bath and the type of product to be used keeping in mind the above parameters. For instance, if a dog has a skin infection, its frequency of bath will vary from that of a healthy dog.
o The size of your dog is also an important parameter. A small dog can be bathed in your bathroom, but a large dog’s bath is suited better on a terrace/backyard.
o For an indoor bath, a hand shower is the best way to bathe your pet. Keep shampoos and towels handy beforehand.
o If it’s an outdoor bath for a large dog, it’s preferable that you have someone to hold your dog while you bathe it with a garden hose/pipe. Large dogs are a little more difficult to handle during bath time than smaller dogs.

During A Bath
o Always use shampoos meant for dogs. The pH balance of dog shampoos are different from shampoos used by humans. Using shampoos meant for humans can cause excessive drying of your dog’s fur.
o Brush its fur forward and backward before a bath to allow the shampoo to reach the fur roots.
o If your dog allows you, place cotton swabs in its ears to prevent water from entering its ears. But remove them after the bath.

After A Bath
o After its bath, allow your dog to shake off as much water it can on its own.
o Then rub your dog with a dry towel to take off the remaining water from its coat.
o Wrap your index finger in a cloth and gently clean its ears.
o To prevent infections or ticks, boil a bunch of neem leaves and cool the concentrate. After the shampoo, give a last wash with the cool neem water.
o Once its fur dries up completely, comb your dog’s coat for a perfect look.

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