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We had adopted a stray pup and named her Lisa (who lived for 17 and a half years). This black and white dog was our companion who went on road trips and joyrides to the beach. She was a sport during all our travels.

She would sit on my lap for hours with her head out of the window soaking up the sun and trying to lap up the swift breeze. She was super friendly and got along with everyone be it the driver, the dhaba guy or a guest house caretaker, so it was never a problem taking Lisa to trips where pets were allowed.

Pets are always going to be special and a part of a family. So why our four-legged friend should stay at home and not have all the fun?

To make your outings more special with your pet dog, here are some tips to ensure a smooth sailing.

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Health Check Up
Before planning, check your pet’s medical records. All his vaccinations and shots should be up to date. A visit to the vet is a must before embarking on a journey. Get your dog thoroughly checked for any illnesses, ticks etc. If your dog suffers from motion sickness, ask your vet for a solution. Chances are your dog may not be able to join you for a trip. If you are not aware of this, then ask the vet for any medication. While travelling, carry your pet’s medical file. Keep it handy, as you may need to show it whenever necessary.
Documents you need to carry with you are
· Health certificate
· Rabies vaccination (especially for the last 12 months)

Your dog should have a firm collar around his neck. Don’t forget to add his name tag with your details at the rear. Your name, complete address and phone numbers should be mentioned at the back of the dog tag.
Carry your dog’s food bowl, his favourite toy and his bed during your travel. Usually dogs get restless during travel. If they have their own bowl, bed and toy they feel kind of settled, as this is what they relate to as being at home. Don’t forget to carry a litter bag for your dog. Maybe a muzzle will also be handy, especially if he is going to be transported or handled by professionals.

Check with the hotels or your hosts whether dogs are allowed. Some hotels do allow pet dogs that are accompanied by guests. You would need to confirm the extra charges for the same. Check with your host whether any family member is allergic to dog fur. In that case, your pet dog no matter how cute and cuddly he maybe, will not be welcome into your host’s home. Last but not the least; don’t forget to carry his favourite snack, a first aid kit and a dog shampoo. These items are essential while going on a holiday with your dog.

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