Quick Movie Review – Interstellar

Pic courtesy: http://brianoverland.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/inter-pic-3.jpgGet ready for a journey of a lifetime that will transcend all levels of space, time and dimensions.

Team up with the brave and selfless explorers as they embark upon a journey in an attempt to save mankind as they go looking for planets that will welcome us humans.

The performances are brilliant; you feel the anguish of the parent and daughter. Matthew McConaughey – you took my breath and heart away – you flawlessly played the role of a protective and loving father who does something so selfless only to protect the ones he loves.

Lessons that you take from this movie are that love transcends all levels of space, time and dimensions and your loving and selfless parents will be your ‘ghosts’ in your future.

Micheal Cain’s recital of ‘Do no go gentle into that good night’….will haunt you as you swim through the endless ocean of space.

Interstellar is not a regular sci-fi movie. It is a phenomenon that’s been beautifully crafted and told by director Christopher Nolan. Watch it, breathe it, feel it, live it – Interstellar will remain with you.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Paisa Vasool: Totally! A must watch

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