Photo Write-Up Contest: Entry No. 7 – ‘The Year of New Discoveries’

Photo by Bhagyalakshmi BWe’re so happy to showcase our 5th entry to the contest sent in to us by Bhagyalakshmi B.L all the way from California.

Thank you so much for this inspirational write-up to remind us that leaning never stops. Your grandson is too cute for words. 

Read Bhagyalakshmi’s write-up here:

‘The Year of Discoveries’ by Bhagyalakshmi

Attaching the photo of my grandson chi.Rohan Pandurangi, 5 years taken by me at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Washington, DC. In this new year 2015, my grandson is representing all my new hopes, dreams and aspirations. He is so cute and intelligent. His favorite hobby is to visit museums.

He wants to be a space scientist and says “Ajji, when I grow up, I will design a wonderful helicopter and take you to Bangalore and bring you back the same day!” He is very good in Mathematics and keeps me wondering where he gets all the energy. When I play with him, I feel I am growing younger and younger day by day. The new year 2015 is looking so bright and promising because of this wonder kid who will me joining the elementary school this year. In the new year 2015, I got a gift of iPhone6 plus from my daughter and this has shown me a new world altogether.

There are several apps to improve my health like “shopwell” which scans the food packets to give me nutrition information, “sleep cycle” which analysis the sleep pattern. Hundreds of health gadgets like wireless weighing machine, wireless BP monitor , wireless pulse indicator effortlessly sync with my iPhone and give me a graph of my health and motivate me to take positive steps. Exercises are very easy now with the help of WII console and heart rate monitors. The wonderful advancement in technology is something which amazes me and brings me lot of hopes for the future.

All the information comes to my fingertip with “Google guru” and there is no boundaries to make new friendships now. Even though I live in California, apps like face time keep me in touch with my relatives and friends in India. I don’t miss anything and experience a feeling of having “the best of both worlds” Recently I took the driving test at DMV California and passed out.

We have have a new car of our own now. In 2015, I will take the behind the wheel test and sure will pass out which will give me access to the wonderful roads of US. It makes me feel independent. When I visit other states, I can even rent out a car and explore everything which is interesting to me like planetariums, museums etc. I bought a Kindle gadget for e-reading and I want to read many novels / poems which I could not read due to pressure of work or unavailability. I want to write poems in Kannada.

Now is the time! Overall, I am aspiring that the year 2015 will bring me a bountiful of fortunes.

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