Quick Movie Review: Baby

Image courtesy: Kumar starrer ‘Baby’ is a nail biting, suspense action film featuring stalwarts like Danny Denzongpa and Anupam Kher.

It was a delight watching Danny Denzongpa after ages, the actor still looks so smart and handsome even now.

Anupam Kher on the other hand is seen in a new light who effortlessly adds a comic charm to the action packed suspense film.

Akshay Kumar flawlessly portrays the role of an agent and that of a loving husband and father. There are moments that will tug your heart when he hugs his wife tight before leaving and when he sends a text message for not being there for his daughter’s birthday.

We loved the well coregraphed action sequences in the film. Actress Taapsee Pannu’s fight sequence was brilliant ~ first time we witnessed a baddie getting beaten up black and blue by a woman and it was thrilling.Oh yeah, that was totally wicked! We let out an audible ‘Awesome’ sigh in the movie hall causing a ripple effect where the fellow audience laughed and clapped along with us. 😉

The second half of the movie picks up speed, thrill and suspense. There have been several movies of the similar theme such as Ek Tha Tiger, Agent Vinod, A Wednesday, Kahani and we’re happy to say Baby has made quite a mark. The final suspense was even better than the film Argo.

Baby is a brilliant Bollywood action film that has stood its ground based on a good story line with some of our finest actors and with NO item numbers (we’re so grateful to a Bollywood film and thank you Neeraj Pandey). This film is an ode to those who stand up and fight for our country to keep us safe.

It is indeed after a long time we got to see a good action Hindi film which is neat, clean and minus the gore which is often mistaken as ‘action’. Go watch it guys. Baby is a fantastic movie.

Genre: Action

Music: This is a ‘no song’ Bollywood film, though it has one title track at the end when the credits are played out. The background score definitely adds to the pulse of this fantastic film.

Paisa Vasool: Totally! Now go watch it.

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