Sponsored Contest: Mother’s Day Special!

Arcsun Art and The Lifestyle Portal bring to you a fun contest exclusively for Mother’s Day.

This contest is going to test your creative and literary skills where the winners get to walk away with exclusive handcrafted and hand made gift items from Arcsun Art. Yippie!

What’s more, there’ll also be consolation prizes as well. So are you ready to play?

Read the contest and the rules carefully –

Mum’s favourite accessory…

There’s something we like about our mothers – be it the colour of her bindi, her perfume, the pallu of her sari…

So this contest is based on the one accessory that you like about your mom.

What is your mother’s one accessory or item that she adorns that you like the most?

It could be the gorgeous family heirloom – like a bangle or a necklace, a brooch, the beautiful scarf, stole or sari. It could be a bindi, a perfume, a purse or even a shade of lipstick!

Now what you need to do is, send us a beautiful photograph of that one item/ accessory that you love about your mom – present it as creative as possible – your photography skills will be put to test AND…yes, there’s a catch – you have to write within 200 words about its significance and why according to you is that accessory so unique.

We’ll pick the best three for first, second and third prizes of course and three consolation prizes as well!

All the winning entries (photo + write-up) will be published on The Lifestyle Portal as well! 🙂 

Contest Rules:

1. To take part you have to ‘LikeArcsun Art and The Lifestyle Portal’s Facebook pages respectively.

2. Only one entry per person (per email address/ ip address/ name) will be allowed. You cannot use multiple email address to enter this contest.

3. This contest will run from 7th May (Tuesday), 2013 until 16th May (Thursday), 2013.

4. Entries sent in after 16th May (Thursday), 2013 will not be accepted.

5. Send in your entries to arcsun@hotmail.co.in and tanya@tanyamunshi.com

6. Please mention your full name, address, phone nos. in your email.

7. Winners will be required to send in a picture of them posing with their prize!

9. This contest is exclusively meant for our readers in India only.

10. The discounts offered are valid only until 31st May (Friday), 2013. Prizes will be dispatched after 7 – 10 days once the winners are announced. For discounts on orders, the delivery date will be decided by Arcsun Art and the winners based on the orders placed.


First Prize – King and Queen-tray – Priced at Rs. 980/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of their choice*

Second Prize –  ‘A pair of chai coffee mugs with a pair of blackboard coasters’ – Priced at Rs. 680/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of their choice*

Third Prize – Dabbawali – Priced at Rs. 450/- + discounts on any Arcsun Art product of their choice*

*Please get in touch with Arcsun Art for more details on discounts on products. These discounts are valid until 31st May 2013 only.

Consolation Prizes:

Our consolation prizes include discounts on various ‘Arcsun Art’ products – these discounts are valid until 31st May 2013 only.

Discount 1 – Get 20% off on any nameplate designed by Arcsun Art (MRP 3200). Orders for the nameplates will be accepted and designs will be finalised with the winners by Arcsun Art. The delivery schedule for these nameplates will be after 15th June 2013. This offer also includes free shipping on the order of nameplate.

Discount 2 – Get a 20% discount on any of the following Arcsun Art products:

  • Peacock Candle Votive (MRP- 1300) + shipping charges
  • Floral Vase-Votive (MRP 1200) + shipping charges
  • Limited edition Fish tea-light holders (MRP 180) + shipping charges

Discount 3 – Get 10% off on the following Arcsun Art products: 

Egyptian stained glass vase (MRP1300) + shipping charges

Quick gun murugun(chip n dips MRP 950) + shipping charges

Hot chicks (chip n dip MRP 900) + shipping charges

Jal ki Rani(chip n dip MRP 850) platters(these platters are hand painted, food safe and washable with soap and water. No use of abrasive material for cleaning). + shipping charges

Any hand painted beer mug (hand painted and food safe)(MRP 600 per beer mug) + shipping charges

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