How Taekwondo helped me evolve as a person

Dhairya in Taekwondo 2017 Championship

I first started Taekwondo when I was four years old and I have been practising it ever since. Initially, my mother would coax me to attend Taekwondo classes for the first year. Gradually, I got used to my schedule and started enjoying my classes.

Over the last few years, Taekwondo has strengthened my body and improved my health through physical exercise and training. After mastering the process of safe and easy stretching techniques, Taekwondo has helped me in enhancing my flexibility. Breathing and concentration exercises during the training have led to me have sharper reflexes and senses. Taekwondo has also made me self-disciplined, have a healthy and positive competitive awareness and social skills.

Taekwondo – the balance of body and mind

Originated in Korea, Taekwondo is an empty hand martial art that requires the athlete to use his entire body during the fight or practice. The name ‘Taekwondo’ is derived from the Korean words ‘tae’ meaning to kick, ‘kwon’, a punch and ‘do’; and it is different from other martial arts by its use of high-speed agile kicks and fast and accurate punches instead of the use of pure strength which is used in many other martial arts.

A champion in the making – Dhairya Mittal.

Benefits of learning Taekwondo

Apart from the martial arts training, Taekwondo is a discipline that fills us with increase energy, better health, fitness and improved hand-eye coordination. Taekwondo also shows and helps us to defend ourselves intelligently, and confidently in case the need arises, which can prevent us from being a victim.

Originally Taekwondo started as a demonstrative event in The Olympics, then as the popularity grew it became one of the two martial arts which is a medal event in the Olympics, with the other being Judo. In July 2012, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) announced that it made changes in international Taekwondo regulations and competition rules to make the sport more exciting in hope that it may be safer and gain popularity for the London Olympics 2012.

Learning Taekwondo is totally worth it

The fees for learning Taekwondo can vary from INR 6,000 to INR 20,000 rupees a year in India. But Taekwondo in terms of money is absolutely worth it as it is a perfect blend of exercise, balance, focus, control, speed, power, timing and flexibility. You can also train in Taekwondo for the aesthetic and athletic aspects rather than the competitive angle too.

As learning Taekwondo has benefitted me a lot, you should try it out too. Reach out to a Taekwondo school in your neighbourhood where professional and licenced trainers will help you achieve physical and mental fitness. It is not advisable to try out Taekwondo by watching videos as it could lead to injury if not done correctly. I encourage you all to start Taekwondo and see the positive change in yourself.

Contributor: Dhairya Mittal

About our Writing Program Student
Dhairya Mittal is a 7th Grader studying at Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai in Mumbai. He’s an avid reader and loves to play cricket and practise his Taekwondo skills in his free time. A Taekwondo black belt, Dhairya is also an excellent orator and a groomed debater too.


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